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Manufacturing Apps I Your Digital Toolkit

Manufacturing Apps I Your Digital Toolkit

manufacturing apps

Manufacturing Apps For Your Business


As a business owner, you’re always looking for that extra edge to grow your client base, cut costs or get one over your competitor. We have reached the age where even if your day to day business activity is offline, you must have at least some element of digital presence. As a result, ClockWork aims to provide you with a list of the best manufacturing apps that will assist you in growing your business.

There are many dimensions to running a functioning company, but fortunately enough there are also many tools out there. Therefore, ClockWork have deconstructed the different success areas within the manufacturing industry and compiled a list of the top digital tools at your disposal. Let’s hope that by engaging with such tools, you can improve your bottom line.


Top Manufacturing Apps and Resources


ClockWork App

Category: Hiring

Type: Mobile App

Cost: Dependent on Hires

A fluctuating workforce can be a nightmare for cashflow and logistical reasons. You may sometimes find you have a large staff pool who have nothing to do, and at other times simply require extra pairs of hands to produce at the required rate. Fortunately, ClockWork provides the ultimate solution which streamlines the journey of finding, managing and paying temporary blue-collar workers. Simply post a job through the app and choose from a shortlist of local, vetted and reliable workers. Communicate with them through the in-app chat to organise any specific job requirements. Lastly, upon successful job completion, use our in-app cashless payment solution to ensure wages are paid safely and efficiently.



Category: Sales

Type: Web

Cost: Free versions with premium payment plans


Managing a project often causes logistical challenges. I’m sure you often find yourself jotting things down on paper at the last minute, forgetting to reply to messages or struggling to stay on top of timelines. Fortunately, Hubspot provides an automated marketing, sales and service hub, currently owning 41.6% market share of the business automation software market. In addition, it is by far the leading automated software tool in the space, and for that reason we simply can’t ignore it. If used properly it could save you ZARs on your business. However, don’t take the premium pricing lightly. If you do decide to fork out the money for premium plans, ensure you use it effectively to get a good return on your investment.


Wave Apps

Category: Accounting

Type: Web

Cost: Free

Accounting made simple. Running a manufacturing business probably means you need to keep track of a lot of cash transactions. Wave provides a streamlined solution to manage estimates and invoices. We have reviewed a lot of financial software solutions for small businesses, but Wave is the one that comes out on top. In addition, Wave provides features including accounting, invoicing, billing, payment tracking, payroll management, finance management, and receipts.


Creamer Media: Engineering News

Category: Industry news

Type: Online magazine

Cost: Free

Many people are under the false illusion that growing your business digitally remains an expensive luxury. However, those people would be entirely wrong. Understanding the latest industry trends, connecting with clients and hearing about the latest events can all by done on Creamer Media. They provide a rich array of content for the manufacturing industry which gives you all the information you need. Keep up to date and you will be able to remain one step ahead of your competitors.


South African Facilities Management Association (SAFMA)

Category: Affiliation

Type: Membership

Cost: Annual Members Fee

An affiliation with an industry body can provide a lot of perks. Namely, here are just a few of them:

  • Networking
  • Training and Education
  • Certification
  • Influence
  • Information
  • Best practices
  • Exchange of ideas
  • Business relationships

Specifically, SAFMA defines Facilities Management as an enabler of sustainable enterprise performance through the whole life management of productive workplaces and effective business support services. Benefits include sharing expertise, access to advisory services, networking events, and keeping up to date on facilities management trends.


ClockInstant App

Category: Staff Management

Type: Mobile App/Web Platform

Cost: Dependent on number of staff

Staff management platforms can sometimes be complicated and expensive. Fortunately, ClockInstant provides a simple solution to both these problems. Simply use our Bluetooth beacon to connect with staff mobile phones, enabling them to clock in upon arrival and clock out upon departure. All this data feeds through a management dashboard, allowing you to keep track of those staff who are regularly on time and those that are teasing the clock. Furthermore, easily export all this data into excel and integrate it with your payroll platform.




Category: Resources

Type: Online shop

Cost: Dependent on purchases

Hilti is South Africa’s most popular online platform for finding all your physical products to ensure your projects are running smoothly. From power tools to measuring tools and scanners, they offer a large range of products at highly competitive prices. In addition, a range of services are offered such as health and safety training and industry related webinars. Simply add to your shopping cart and order to an address of your choice – much easier than taking a daily trip to a hardware store!


Local Southern African Manufacturing Expo

Category: Expos/Events

Type: Event

Cost: Free as delegate, +- R50k for exhibit

Attending an expo can be another great way to connect with industry stakeholders and market your business. The Local Southern African manufacturing Expo provides an interactive, educational and practical platform. They believe that local manufacturing is the key to unlocking vast economic empowerment, growth, development and investment. The Local Manufacturing Expo is endorsed by David Makhura, the Premier of Gauteng; and organised by Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery, in association with the South African Capital Equipment Export Council (SACEEC).

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