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Why a Referral Trumps Everything

Why a Referral Trumps Everything


Why is a referral so important?

As a jobseeker, it is always important to show your credibility with respect to the job you are looking for. In order to be reassured and confident they are hiring the right person, employers need proof that you are the best candidate. A powerful referral can do just that.

This proof can come in many forms. The most common form is often a list of the previous jobs or experience you have. Typically, this is known as a CV.

At ClockWork, we’ve recognized there are leaner, better ways of jobseekers showcasing their credibility and capability to employers. This article will take you through the various forms of how we like to do this, as well as explaining why a great referral is your passport to finding work.

What Enhances Your Credibility?

Below is an example of a profile on ClockWork. You can see there is a range of numbers which might at first appear confusing, however they are just as telling as a lengthy CV.


Here are just some of the variables we factor in when considering a jobseeker’s credibility:

  • Hours tracked (in work they’ve completed)
  • Jobs completed
  • XP Points – this is a shortened name for ‘Experience points’ which are accumulated based on all our credibility variables
  • Hire Again (%) – Percentage of employers who say they would hire you again after a job
  • Job rating/review from previous job
  • Have you submitted your vetting documentation?

A powerful referral

All these factors contribute to your likelihood of finding work through the ClockWork platform. However, as we mentioned at the start of the article, a powerful referral is ALWAYS important.

If you’ve attended school or a tertiary education institution, you can ask your teacher for a good referral. Even just one or two sentences about your attitude and work ethic is great.

Even better is a referral from your previous employer. Therefore its always important to impress your employer, because you never know when you will need them in the future.

Once again, when you’ve completed work for them, ask them to write you a short review of your attitude and work ethic. This could make all the difference when applying to your next job.

Remember to store these referrals in a safe place like within a word document on your or a friend’s computer.

The ClockWork team might ask you to provide these referrals. It is extremely important that you have them in order to get work.


Always work to the best of your ability – you never know when you might need a favour from your employer.

Whatever work you’ve done, always ask your employer for a referral. It is the most powerful way of showcasing your credibility.

Keep your referrals in a safe place. This is normally on your phone, a computer or your friend’s computer.   

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