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Using our app you are easily able to post your job requirements out to the world! We guarantee a ClockWorker to be on site within 24 hours.

Closest to you

ClockWork's algorithm also leverages the latest geo-location technology to send you the best labourers in your area

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The Best Labour

ClockWork's algorithm guarantees the best labour staff for your requirements by using the extensive & continuous data collected on-the-job

Pay Securely

ClockWork handles all payments. As soon as your ClockWorker completes the job, a payment is triggered securely within the app. Meaning you don't need to worry about cash and the risk that comes with it.

How It Works

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Post a job

Post your job requirements to a particular staff member, your database of staff or out to the world! ClockWork instantly organises the best staff to attend to your job immediately

What’s required

You can give as much or as little detail about the job that you want. Provide applicants or current staff with a description, location, date and time, and more

Repost Jobs

Once you have posted a job and it’s been completed, you can repost the same job again and again, saving you unnecessary administration time

Find the best staff

ClockWork’s unique algorithm uses a selection of essential on-the-job criteria to provide you with the best applicants for a particular role. This is based on previous job punctuality, performance, ratings and reviews

What’s required

Nothing! Post a job, and wait for ClockWork to tell you exactly who is most suited to matching your requirements

How long does it take?

You are able to book a ClockWorker as far in advance as you wish. Do you need a labourer in 24 hours? We can do that too.

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ClockWork handles all your payments to your labourers instantly and securely

What’s required

You decide what wage you are willing to pay for each job and the app does the rest

Flexible, Low Cost Workforce

Our platform allows you to have a flexible workforce meaning you can hire extra staff in the busy periods without the admin that comes with it. This ensures profits are always maximised! Payments are also processed within the app so no need to worry about cash security or payroll


Any questions? Hopefully our list of FAQs will solve this, but if not feel free to get in touch! We’re always here for a chat!

What type of labourers can I request?

Our labourers on our platform are from many different industries and many of them specialise in several of these. The most popular industries our ClockWorkers operate in are Promotions, Cleaning, Landscaping, Restaurant/Hospitality, Events and Building/Construction.

    What is the Cost?

    ClockWork charges a 13% commission fee for every job that takes place through the platform. The app will handle all payments of the wage to make the process seamless (Coming soon)

      Are jobseekers vetted?

      All jobseekers who are not currently employed by you are required to undergo a screening process, involving an ID verification, Police Clearance and Employer Reference. This way you know that you are getting a high performing and trustworthy individual.

        How do we find the best employees?

        ClockWork’s unique algorithm uses a selection of essential on-the-job criteria to provide you with the best applicants for a particular role. This is based on previous job punctuality, performance, ratings and reviews .

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