What types of jobs can I find on ClockWork?

ClockWork regularly receives enquiries from jobseekers who are looking for work from a range of industries. We value every single jobseeker that comes to us and will always try to place them into a suitable position. However, there are several industries that the ClockWork App specialises in. Please find the list of jobs below. Cleaning […]

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Learnership and job opportunities for people with disabilities

ClockWork offers several opportunities for persons with disabilities who are looking for work. We have various strategic partners who can assist with the placement of individuals into learnerships or full-time positions. We are always looking to create more partnerships that will create jobs and assist those with a disability in reaching their employment goals. Our […]

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Showing Professionalism as a ClockWork Jobseeker

One of our main goals at ClockWork is to assist you as a jobseeker with growing your experience, and bettering yourself as a person. This can be achieved through demonstrating professionalism in the workplace. Professionalism in the working world is a key attribute to success and ensuring that you receive regular work through the ClockWork […]

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Become a ClockWork Jobseeker

ClockWork is a recruitment platform which connects companies needing a local, vetted, reliable jobseeker. Our mission is to reduce unemployment in South Africa through technology, in turn allowing jobseekers to build experience and become more employable. Our biggest belief is that job experience comes as a result of working more. We therefore track all the […]

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7 pain points for Events Companies that ClockWork can solve

ClockWork offer a diverse range of solutions which streamlines the journey for businesses in terms of finding, managing and paying their temporary staff. Having conducted extensive research and interviewed a series of Event industry experts, we have identified the major pain points that the software can solve. So, no more staffing headaches, just smooth sailing. […]

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How much to pay Labourers or domestic workers in South Africa

How much should I pay my labourers in South Africa?

The department of labour announced that all labourers that fall under the definition of “domestic worker” which includes housekeepers, gardeners, nannies, domestic drivers among others are to be paid the following rates as a minimum as of the 1st of December 2016. Note: Area A refers to large metropolitan municipalities and built up areas and […]

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What Rating Should I Give My ClockWorker?

Rating Your ClockWorker ClockWork’s rating system is important for validating job seekers and ensuring that you are receiving the best person for your job. The ratings contribute to an overall ‘XP’ score for the ClockWorker which determines their level of experience within the App. The higher the level of XP for a Job Seeker, the […]

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How To Source Your Job Seeking Documents

Seeking the documents you need to get a job can be difficult. However, to increase your chances of finding work, you need to be able to supply what the employer needs. See this full manual and refer to it to find out about sourcing absolutely any document you need to get a job. ID Obtaining […]

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