Receive up to R120 000 R120 000 R120 000 every time we train a young South African entrepreneur for your business

Improve your BBBEE score. Receive tax rebates. Change lives.

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With our New Venture Creation learnership, we are tackling unemployment head on

Why use ClockWork?

It's a win-win

Be an active change maker with your Skills Development spend, and improve your BBBEE score alongside receiving tax rebates whilst doing it. It's a no brainer!

It's online

Our superior online learning experience, high quality content and learner supports makes our New Venture Creation learnerships a game changer.

Be the change

Want to be a part of Africa's success story? Let's tackle unemployment at its roots, develop young entrepreneurs, and change lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are all about empowering young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses and create jobs. Our New Venture Creation NQF2 and NQF4 learnerships do exactly that.

BBBEE can be complicated and confusing, but it also can provide incredible opportunities for your business. You could improve your BBBEE score by 2 levels by running a learnership with us. Click here to learn how

You could fund your whole learnership by claiming grants from the SETA (Sector Education and Training Authorities). Click here to learn exactly how!

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Did you know you can claim up to R120 000 back for every learner that gets trained. Click here to find out exactly how!

Absolutely! Raise the skill levels of employees while improving work performance. Giving your staff an entrepreneurial and growth driven mindset could revolutionise your business.

We have developed our very own online, interactive and engaging learning experience for our learners. This equips them with the theoretical knowhow to succeed, but we also understand that they need practical experience. Therefore, they are also matched with local businesses that match their interests and skills set, where they acquire the important practical skills.

We provide you with regular updates and hard data about the progress of your learners throughout the entirety of the course.

Here’s where it becomes up to you. You can host your employed or unemployed learners, or we can arrange for them to be placed at other local businesses if you would like them to branch out and gain practical experience elsewhere. and be a part of the socio-economic change needed in our nation.

South Africa’s unemployment rate is sitting well above 30% – we need an intervention now. By developing young entrepreneurs, together, we can address the unemployment crisis. Let’s upskill young South Africans and be a part of the socio-economic change needed in our nation.

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