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How to get a job in Sport

How to get a job in Sport


For many of us it’s a passion and a hobby, but for others it’s a career. Job Seekers Wednesday looks at the variety of different ways you can turn your love for sport into a glorious living.

Become a Coach

Ok, you may have dreamt of playing professional sport as a child, but in reality, it just wasn’t to be. However, with the industry now so large, there are plenty of opportunities to still be a part of it. Whether you have a passion for a particular sport or are a genuine all-rounder, there are immense coaching opportunities to be had. Check out ETA College or Skills Academy for more details.

Become a  Sport physio or Sport psychologist

The modern world of sport demands an abundance of off-the-field roles, presenting plenty of opportunities for you to be involved. Training to be a sports physiotherapist or psychologist is a great way to be a part of a professional setup. Sport Physio and Sports Science Institute of South Africa are two credible ways to obtain the qualifications.

Become a videographer or photographer

If this section interests you then you probably already have a strong skills set in this industry. If you’re currently freelancing in the field of photography, then try your hand at capturing sporting footage. The media provides the single most jobs within sport itself, and if you possess the skills, there are plenty of opportunities for you. Find out what career opportunities are currently available at SuperSport, or check out all the various job vacancies at Indeed

Become a Sports Journalist

If you are a talented writer and have a passion for sport, then this particular category is right for you. There are many offline and online media platforms which report on sporting events all over the world, so there is often a high demand for reporters. If you are yet to get qualified, UNISA offer a fantastic short course in journalism. However, you may already be qualified, and thus you can already apply for jobs. There are numerous opportunities currently available at Team Talk Media.

Become a sports marketing agent

If your field lies in marketing, but you really want to follow your passion, the sports marketing industry is growing by the day. If you undergo a role in sports marketing, then you will be responsible for the promotion of sports events and teams, as well as the promotion of other products. You may just receive a few complimentary tickets while you’re at it! For career opportunities, see MSC sports, Sports Vendo or MegaPro.

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