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EMPLOYABLE: Top Tips to Enhance your CV

EMPLOYABLE: Top Tips to Enhance your CV

E.M.P.L.O.Y.A.B.L.E Acronym

Arguably the most difficult task when searching for a job is standing out from the hundreds of others who are doing the same thing. The best way to make sure you bag your place to the interview stage is to make sure you have a great CV. You’ve probably seen loads of tips on the internet, but we’ve identified the top most important things, and put them into the ultimate acronym. Stick to the EMPLOYABLE CODE, and you’ll be on the highway to hired!

Easy to read – Many people overcomplicate their CV. Ensure that you clearly structure information so that key things that you want the employer to see can easily stand out.

Make an impression – Employers have to filter through a ton of CVs before they see yours. Therefore, make sure you add a little twist or something a bit different so that they can identify yours easily.

Professional picture – ALWAYS include a picture of yourself in your CV. This makes employers relate to you. Furthermore, make sure the image is professional, and hasn’t been taken on your last drunken night out!

Leadership attributes – Even if you’re not going for a leadership role, demonstrate that you have leadership skills and can work well with others. A good way of demonstrating this is to use an example of when you once handled one of these situations well.

Obtain advice – Speak to people within your field, or others in your situation. Everyone has a story to tell, and you can trade off tips to better each other.

You’re the one for the job – Believe in yourself! Trust that by putting the right foundations in place, you will be the person who is selected for the role.

Accurate spelling – Grammatical mistakes are the first thing that will result in a CV being thrown in the bin. Therefore, make sure you thoroughly check your spelling and grammar before sending your CV out to a prospective employer.

Be Creative – Think of a really interesting way you can stand out. I once saw a CV that had a picture of a box, and all the text was around it. This demonstrated that the candidate was, no pun intended, ‘thinking outside the box’. These are the sorts of things which really get you noticed.

Learn to Interview well – It is crucial that you have a strong CV in order to get to the interview stage. However, interviewing well will get you past the finish line. See our article on interviews for more tips.

Educate yourself – Always look to better yourself by enrolling in free courses and surrounding yourself with experienced people. Remember, although its partially about constructing a good CV, it’s the content that’s on it which really counts.

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