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How to study while you work

How to study while you work

Study and Work

Ok, you have a decision to make. You need to go out there and get a job to pay the rent, but you’re struggling to find work because you don’t have the right qualifications. You want to study but you don’t have time as you need to work and you have a family to cater for, bills to pay and it’s all just one BIG headache. Stop. Read this article and you will know exactly how to combine your studies with your job, and take a huge leap towards your dream career path.


The power of the modern world has opened up a huge online education community. Even some of the bigger Varsities such as UCT are now offering online courses. UNISA is a dominant player in this space, and their painless application process is a real drawcard. You might be worrying whether an online degree is credible, however UNISA is regarded as one of the best correspondence universities on the planet. Furthermore, Oxbridge Academy offer a growing range of courses to choose from, and their monthly installment payment method is also a great advantage.

If you’re looking to complete your Matric while you work, there are a significant number of opportunities for you. Matric Works serve as a great way for you to complete your matric from wherever you are. If you are yet to obtain a matric, it is really important to gain the qualification as many employers demand at least a Grade 12 certification.


Meddling your studies with busy work commitments, as well as family and social constraints, can be extremely stressful. Before partaking in this, take some time to decide exactly when you’re going to spent time studying. Communicate it with the important people in your life and make sure they understand your commitments. This way, they will respect the need to allow you to solely focus during your periods of study.

In addition, draw up a personal schedule of, for example 3 hours a day, and try to stick with it religiously. Treat your studies like an extra job, then you will be adamant that you can’t simply allow yourself to miss it. Most importantly, enjoy your study sessions. Engage with the content, and maintain exciting techniques which keep your learning stimulated.


Choosing exactly what to study could have a significant effect on your career. Decide whether you want to study something parallel to your current job, or if you want to expand into a new field. Speak to your current employer, and discuss the potential opportunities for growth if you enhance your portfolio. Check out this career test by educations.com and find out exactly the course that suits you.


Funding your studies with your salary or savings can be extremely difficult if you have other financial commitments. There are many new funding platforms in South Africa which leverage technology and provide you with easy access to finance. Check out this insightful article by EduConnect which provides you with all the solutions to your funding needs.


-Explore a large range of institutions before committing to one in particular, then match yourself to the one that suits your needs.

-Clearly communicate your goals and schedule to family and friends and stick a regular study times to achieve the best lifestyle and results.

-Make use of career advisers and online questionnaires before deciding exactly what you want to study.

-Explore the various forms of funding opportunities which will make the financing of your studies a lot easier.

Good luck!

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