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Looking Great on a Budget for Interviews

Looking Great on a Budget for Interviews

Professional interview attire

Looking smart is always important for an interview, but that’s what everyone does if we are honest, and that’s boring. Why look smart when you can look great! In this article we will discuss the “do’s” and the “don’ts” of what to wear so that you can leave a lasting positive impression on your future employers after the interview.

The trick to having a successful outfit for an interview is by striking up a balance between looking great and feeling comfortable. Nobody wants to be worried about moving around in total fear of splitting the shirt or pants. Finding that balance is crucial and will require a bit of energy to find the right outfit but not necessarily require a massive budget.

Female outfits

When it comes to work attire, females have arguably a larger range of clothes to choose from. This means you can incorporate your own style into your outfit with more ease. Remember to set yourself a budget before you go out shopping just to be sure you don’t overspend. At the moment simple is fashionable so be sure not to go too complicated.

Womans interview


This simple yet stylish and sleek dress (Ottoman Dress) can be found on spree.co.za for under R250.

If you are not comfortable in heels then get used to it… Just kidding! Flats work perfectly well with this outfit as well.

Male Outfits

A decicively easier task due purely to the fact that there is less to choose from and there are a few unspoken rules about work clothes for men.

#1- Closed shoes

#2- Long pants

#3- Collared shirt

Follow these simple rules and you can pretty much mix and match the styles of all three rules and most of the time, with a bit of common sense, you’ll come right.

Simple, clean and neat are what employers are usually looking for, remember that some companies will have stricter dress codes than others according to their company culture. For example, a start-up company will be more relaxed than a large corporation.

man interview

Simple collared button-up shirt, chino’s, clean polished shoes and some accessories which are totally optional depending on your preference and budget.

Suspenders are a bit quirky but are fashionable at the moment and may leave a lasting impression (which is GOOD).

Change things up a bit with some brightly coloured or strange patterned socks which really catch ones eye.

white man

Simple, smart and neat, that’s all you need for your interview.

Just a tip: Make sure your belt and shoes match.

All of these items can be purchased for under R500 and that includes a belt and shoes. Look at your Mr Prices and Edgars for your clothes and local R5 stores for accessories like suspenders.

So with any luck, simple with a touch of class should get you through. Try and incorporate that little item that stands out, making sure the employer is left with a long lasting impression. Look good, play good they say! Now it’s time to head out and smash your next interview.

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