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Why your social skills are the only things that matter when job hunting

Why your social skills are the only things that matter when job hunting

Social Skills in the Job search

Employers see hundreds of job applications a day, and the modern world means that every applicant is never seen unless they get an interview. All the applicants share one thing: they are hidden behind a computer screen. Unfortunately, only one of them will get the job.

This rather pessimistic view is probably the reason why you are finding your job search so disheartening. However, not to worry, we’re here to help. We’re here to tell you how your social skills alone, and not your CV, will actually land you the job.

We surveyed a series of employers across a range of industries. Asking them what they valued most in a job applicant. Staggeringly, the number one answer wasn’t qualifications, nor experience, but rather their ability to interact with the rest of the team. Crucially, strong social skills stand tall as the most important asset when looking for work. Yet, not everybody is blessed with the innate ability to woo the manager with their charm or crease up the office with their jokes. So, we’ve put together a short checklist to ensure you’re ticking the boxes with all things wording and everything facial expression.

  1. Smile!

Everybody, yes, everybody, even you’re grumpy boss, likes a smile every now and again. That doesn’t mean to say you have to show a cheesy grin at the next straight faced business strategy meeting, but a happy go lucky personality is certainly a popular one, even in the workplace.

  1. Show some manners

It might sound obvious, but always look to be respectful when dealing with others, especially during a job interview. Simple things can go a long way, such as holding the door, using respectful language and shaking hands professionally. Seriously, there are many people out there who just don’t do it!

  1. Be engaging

Just because it’s your job interview, there’s no harm in engaging with the interviewer. We feel at ease with people who take interest in us and ask questions. Instead of always having to fuel the conversation ourselves. So, next time you head to an interview, try making a bit more small talk and attempt to find out at least 3 non-work related facts about your interviewer. That’s not nosy at all, it’s social.

  1. Be different

The most difficult thing about your job interview is that you have to stand out amongst so many other people who are vying for the job. All of whom probably have similar qualifications and experience as you. Therefore, in order to be noticed, you have to be a little bit different. Make yourself known to the interview, or make them remember something impressive that you did. Making them inquisitive about what more you have to offer will at least get you a follow up.

So there we have it. Next time you’re presented with the opportunity to interview, be sure to adopt these four social strategies which could blow your future employer away. Congratulations, you’ve landed the job!

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