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Navigation Tools to Ensure You Get to Your Job on Time 

Navigation Tools to Ensure You Get to Your Job on Time 


Okay, so you are attending an interview, assessment, or your first day at a job. One of the most important things to do is to get there on time. Aside from making sure you leave early, navigation assistance can be a great way to ensure you get there on time.

Advantages of leaving early

-Save on costs

-It can be less stressful making sure you do better in your interview

-Demonstrates a professional attitude when you arrive on time

You may have lived in your city your whole life, or you may be in a totally new environment. Either way, both probably mean that there’s some addresses you’ve never seen before.

Luckily, technology means there are now a large range of mapping tools to assist you with your journey. We have put together a list of our favorite ones and how to use them, to ensure you are never late for an important date.

  1. Google maps 

This mapping tool is widely used among smartphone users for its ease of use and trusted route planner. Even better, you can download the maps for a certain area. Therefore, try to download when you’re in a WiFi zone and then you won’t have to use all your data getting to the venue!

How to use offline maps so it doesn’t use data:

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. On the top bar, type in the location you would like to go
  3. Along the bottom bar, scroll across and press download.
  4. The map will now appear in your offline maps. To access this tap the button on the top left of your screen, and click offline maps.
  5. All the maps you have downloaded should be ready to use without a single MB of data.
  1. Waze

If you use a car to travel around, Waze is a fantastic app to use for navigation. Other drivers share each other’s experiences of a certain area, so you are constantly updated about accidents, traffic problems, road blocks and other dangers or obstacles. The interface is fun and easy to navigate, allowing you to arrive at your venue stress free. In addition, according to WhistleOut, Waze uses the least amount of data for each trip compared to other navigation apps.

  1. Maps.me

This navigation tool might lack the flashiness and technical abilities of Google and Waze, but it’s attention to detail is immense. If you are confident in map reading and prefer using more traditional methods of navigation, then this map is certainly for you. You may want to take screenshots before you leave to ensure that you don’t use too much data.

  1. ClockWork App

ClockWork recognizes that one of the biggest difficulties of a job or interview can be getting there in the first place. We have therefore integrated a mapping tool into our app to ensure you don’t have to transfer between tabs regularly which may cause confusion. Once you accept a job, you will receive the exact job location. By clicking on this link, you will be able to navigate from your current location all the way to the job.

*Download the ClockWork App here.

Well, there you have it. We’ll leave you with the two most important things to take from this article: Make sure you leave early, and use a great tool which will help you get there!

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