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17 Questions to Ask your Interviewer

17 Questions to Ask your Interviewer

Ask your interviewer

Let’s face it, interviews are stressful. Your potential future boss grilling you for an hour isn’t exactly a pleasant experience. But what candidates often forget is that you are entitled to ask your interviewer questions as well. Not only does it take the heat off you for a few minutes and allows you time to regain composure, but it also shows your interviewer you have a genuine interest in the position and company.

Most senior businessmen and women love to talk, so let them do it. It will make you feel more comfortable and help you ease into the interview. Having a set of pre-prepared questions for your interviewer could prove the difference between you and your fellow candidates. Here is a list of 17, by no means do you need to ask them all but having a few up your sleeve is a good idea.


1)     Who is your stereo-typical customer?


2)     Who are your major clients?


3)     Are you working on any big projects at present?


4)     What would a typical day look like for me?


5)     What benefits do you offer?


6)     What is your leave & sick day policy?


7)     What is the makeup of the team I will join?


8)     Where do you see the company in the next 5 years?


9)     How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?


10) How do you measure performance for my role?


11) What would I be expected to achieve in my first 6 months?


12) What is the work culture like?


13) What is your favourite thing about working here?


14) Are there any training opportunities for me going forward?


15) What is the typical growth path for someone filling a role like mine?


16) If I get the job, how could I prepare for it before I start?


17) What are the next steps from here if you consider me a good fit for the role?


These are some ideas to get your juices flowing – choose the questions that apply best to the role you’re applying for. Also bear in mind there may be questions that come to you naturally during your interview. If you need some more interview tips check out our article

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