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On-Demand Staffing Apps in South Africa

On-Demand Staffing Apps in South Africa

On-demand staffing app

South Africa is now coming to terms with the disruption of the on-demand model with local on platforms rivaling global ones. We have seen Bolt (previously Taxify) take on Uber, Mr D Food & OrderIn take on Uber Eats and HonestCare & Nunanny in the on-demand nanny space.

With StatsSA’s announcement that South Africa’s unemployment rate is at 29% for the second quarter of 2019, the highest it has been since Q1 2008, the next industry to be disrupted in the on-demand space will certainly be staffing. Sweepsouth have lead the way with on-demand maid services which has accumulated over 5 million hours of cleaning through their platform showing that the South African market is very comfortable with the concept of inviting rated and reviewed professionals to their home.

SweepSouth identified a problem that the market needed solving. I am sure you can relate; you didn’t need someone to clean your home everyday right? And you were looking for a temporary housekeeper to clean their home once a week. They knew many maids were looking for more work but before SweepSouth there was no way for you to connect with them seamlessly.

This is one, small industry where more jobs have been created by an on-demand model. This being said, the question remains whether this can be replicated throughout many industries. Let’s see what our Twitter audience thought. Do you agree?


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Personal vs Business Use of On-Demand Staff


It has been proven that homeowners are comfortable using on demand services, however it is yet to be proven that businesses are open to using a temporary, flexible workforce. Below we have listed some use cases for homeowners and businesses


Homeowner Job Roles

Business Oriented Job Roles

Painter Landscaper
Handyman Office Cleaner
Gardener Window Washer
Plumber Office Furniture Mover
Electrician Bartenders
Pool Cleaner Waiters
Tiler Baristas
Car Washer Ticketers
Furniture Mover Promo Staff
Cleaner Brand Ambassadors



The industries which we believe play perfectly into the hands of an on-demand service:


1)      On-Demand Construction Workers

2)      On-Demand Event Staff

3)      On-Demand Promo Staff

4)      On-Demand Brand Ambassadors

5)      On-Demand Landscapers

6)      On-Demand Manufacturing Staff

7)      On-Demand Factory Workers

8)      On-Demand Field Service Workers

9)      On-Demand Handymen

10)  On-Demand Restaurant Staff


ClockWork is an on-demand staffing platform built for South African businesses. The platform connects businesses to vetted and reliable blue-collar staff, who can perform a range of tasks.






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