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How to get a Job Without Using the Internet

How to get a Job Without Using the Internet

getting a job without internet

It is 2017, so why on earth would you want to use anything other than the internet to search for something? We love the internet. It is obviously the most interconnected network in the world and the capabilities for job hunting are endless. The way the internet allows you to find a job at the touch of the button from your tracksuit pants is the reason for this article – it has become TOO easy. This means the job marketplace on the internet has become saturated and seeing “583 people have applied for this job” does not instil much confidence. I have compiled a list of other avenues which may give you the edge.

  1. Network

If you become friends with the CEO of any company the chances are he will be able to hook you up, either at his company or at another one through his network. While this may be unrealistic, if you meet enough people you are bound to find someone who knows a position available for you. Remember to have a pitch ready; who are you and what do you do?

2. Career Fairs

Many people think job fairs are outdated and obsolete which is exactly why you can use this avenue to your advantage. On average, companies go to around 5 career fairs a year. This means they are well and truly prevalent. Make sure you do your homework before, plan who you are going to chat to and make sure you know some facts about the company – it always makes a good impression. Once you have met with the rep, make sure to go home and follow up. Most people wait for the company to get back to them, but show the initiative. You will be surprised how many more responses you will get.

3. Traditional Recruiters

In a previous article, we outlined the pros and cons of using traditional recruiters. While there is limitations of this type of recruitment it is far more focused. You can specify your ideal job location and specifications. The personal face-to-face relationship is the main benefit as they take interest in you, your personalities, strengths and weaknesses to find the best fit for you.

4. Cruise your Neighbourhood

You do it anyway right? This time when you are taking your dog for a walk or going to the shop for a Coke take your ‘job seeking hat’ along with you. Knock on a few doors, chat to people in the park, tell your neighbours and keep your ears open. Word will spread and eventually someone will hear of an opening for you.

5. Work Temporarily

Get a temporary position. It may seem a means to an end, but while you are earning a few bucks you are creating relationships. These relationships within the organisation or with their clients are invaluable in your quest for your next job. When choosing a temporary job, do not be too picky. Once you are inside an organisation you have direct access to their HR department and other key stakeholders. Approach them once you feel comfortable and your next job is all but yours. Use some of these great temporary recruitment agencies; Key Recruitment, Quest, MASA.

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