Construction Apps

Best Construction Apps I Your Digital Toolkit

Introduction As a business owner, you’re always looking for that extra edge to grow your client base, cut costs or get one over your competitor. We have reached the age where even if your day to day business activity is offline, you must have at least some element of digital presence. As a result, that’s […]

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Landscaping apps

Best Landscaping Apps | Your Digital Toolkit

Running a small business often requires the owner to do the majority of the work. As you know, this is no different in Landscaping. To make your life easier and your business run smoother we have put together a digital toolkit made up of Landscaping apps, web portals, websites and affiliations specific to the landscaping […]

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Recruitment Platforms

Recruitment Agencies vs Recruitment Platforms

Digital Recruiting   HR and recruitment trends have taken a turn parallel to those of the world itself in recent times. More often than not, gone are the days of using newspaper ads to find your next hire. Social media and online recruitment platforms have stepped up, allowing recruiters to reach a broad and a […]

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Disability Definition in SA BBBEE

What is the Disability Definition in terms of BBBEE

  There are several definitions of a disability when you look in different contexts. For example, Oxford has two definitions; “A physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities”. But it is the second definition which hints at its true meaning from an employment standpoint; “A disadvantage or handicap, especially one […]

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Technology helping recruiters

Technology Helping Recruiters Hire Candidates

We all know that technology is changing the world forever, and in recent times it is beginning to find it’s way into the world of recruitment. What are these technological trends that are shaping the way in which recruiters find, process, and hire talented individuals?    1) Artificial Intelligence  The use of artificial intelligence (AI) […]

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disability technology in workplace

Workplace Enhancement Technology for Person’s with Disabilities

Technology is moving at a rapid rate in all industries and it is no different for enhancement technology for persons with a disability, particularly to enhance their experience and comfortability inside the workplace. 1) Visual Enhancement Technology   For those who are blind there are screen readers, like JAWS, Window-Eyes & free software  Non-Visual Desktop […]

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An Overview of the SME Landscape in South Africa

            Introduction to SMEs The buzzword ‘growth’ is like a golden key for nations looking to advance into the upper frontiers of development. It is also a word that has been no stranger to South African politicians in recent times. It is widely believed by experts that to unlock the […]

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Top 5 Apps for Transferring Money Easily

Whether you owe, or you’re owed, there are always difficulties associated with making that quick and easy transaction. You may need to send money to family, pay your friend back for dinner or simply transfer some quick cash. The world is becoming more and more cashless by the year, making the market for transferring money […]

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Tax benefits for employing people with disabilities

Introduction There are tax benefits for enrolling a person with a disability into a learnership commissioned by your organisation. This involves a deduction at commencement and another deduction upon completion. These are claimable from the South African Revenue Services (SARS) and is not related to the cash incentive offered by Fasset called the Learnership Cash […]

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Ramaphosa Jobs Summit

Summary of the Jobs Summit (October 2018)

The Jobs Summit took place over two days in Midrand last week, where President Ramaphosa outlined the country’s plans for tackling the trifecta of core issues plaguing South Africans; unemployment, poverty and inequality. The unemployment rate in South Africa currently sits at 27.2% and is the seventh highest in the world. Ramaphosa says that we […]

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