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The Best Twitter Accounts for Job Seekers in SA

The Best Twitter Accounts for Job Seekers in SA

Twitter for jobs

If you are here, you most likely follow our Twitter page #JobSeekersWednesday, which gives you job seeking tips and assistance in finding your next job. We are not the only page out there on the Twittersphere trying to equip jobseekers with the right tools to gain employment. Here is a few of our favourites:

While they are a recruitment agency based in the US and do not provide jobs based in South Africa, they have a wealth of tips & advice on how to better your chances of finding work. They are one of the few recruitment agencies with have a Twitter account which they do not punt their own agenda but are truly out to help you, the Jobseeker.


While we may be most prolific on Wednesdays, JobAdviceSA has certainly got the Monday slot locked down. Their #JobAdviceSA initiative operates on Monday afternoons at 4pm where they pose 4 questions. These questions are generally suggested by fellow jobseekers and they invite everyone to partake in answering. This is a great way to learn the tips, tricks and trade secrets needed to secure you your next job. Be sure to check out their website to get a sneak peek at the questions and for some other great job seeking content.


All of the accounts listed here are run by organizations. But Menzi Ngcobo and his account gives job seekers a unique look into youth empowerment. He has nearly 200 000 tweets and his account is full of great content where his personality shines through giving you a personal take on job seeking in South Africa. He is also the founder of @TheBeginningSA, another great account & company for JobSeekers in SA. A wealth of expertise.


You don’t need to start your own business to be an entrepreneur in our opinion. Entrepreneurial characteristics are very attractive to potential employers and will certainly help your cause when going to job interviews. You can be an entrepreneur within a company. Spotting opportunities for your employers is a great way to rise through the ranks quickly. Young Entrepreneur post articles which helps nurture the entrepreneur inside us all, and career progression can be the only result.


Mzansi Jobs focuses on positions found in newspapers which often do not find their way on to the internet. In the digital age people often forget about traditional methods of gaining recruitment. This avenue may be the difference you need to get your next job.


Let us know what your favourite Twitter pages are for Job Seekers by commenting on this post or tweet us @JobSeekersWed. As always, good luck for your job seeking!

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