How much should I pay my labourers in South Africa?

How much to pay Labourers or domestic workers in South Africa

The department of labour announced that all labourers that fall under the definition of “domestic worker” which includes housekeepers, gardeners, nannies, domestic drivers among others are to be paid the following rates as a minimum as of the 1st of December 2016. Note: Area A refers to large metropolitan municipalities and built up areas and […]

Why ‘Moneyballing’ your labour force is the key to growing your business

Moneyball growing business

Jim Manzi, founder and chairman of APT (Applied Predictive Technologies) recently posted in the economist. “It is no longer enough to use intuition as a basis for making decisions”. We are in a new world full of technology which allows you to easily collect big data. Hence, we look at how basing your company’s data […]