Fintech in Africa

You Need to Embrace Fintech Now

Fintech is here to stay and many of us use it daily without even knowing. Do you use Snapscan/Zapper, purchase from small vendors using your card use a mobile wallet? If so, chances are you interact with a FinTech company. Fintech Investment Oulook Despite the economic and political uncertainty in Africa, confidence in the continent […]

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Future of Work

The Future of Work – Are you Green, Orange or Blue?

An Uncertain Future There has been a great deal of speculation about what the Future of Work will look like. An abundance of movies, articles and fantasies have been created to shape our perception of the changes that will happen to the world as we know it. In an attempt to categorise the various possibilities, […]

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Why should FinTech actually matter to you?

What? The world of technology has many dimensions. It’s ever changing and inter connected properties mean we are constantly being flooded with the new apps, machines and gadgets. Further still, our pocket dictionary is no way near enough to keep up words like ‘FinTech’ and the latest jargon alike. How? Financial Technology or ‘FinTech’ is one […]

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The Future of Work – Quicker, Better or Cheaper?

In November 2016, Debating Europe published how a significant proportion of readers argued that new technology would make us more productive, boost economic growth and create more jobs. In other words, they suggested that for businesses, the future of work will make everything quicker, better, and cheaper. On the other hand, it has been proposed that […]

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Is SaaS the solution to growing your business?

The rise of Software as a Service (SaaS) has brought upon the death of paper based activity. Also, lengthy installation processes are no more and have allowed companies to grow. If you purchase such a product, you don’t actually pay for the software itself. This has given businesses the chance to shred their costs. In addition, they […]

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Ratings in Shared Economy

Ratings: What is their value in the shared economy?

The online economy has taken off by storm since the launch of AirBnB in 2008 and Uber in 2009. The rise of the millennials has fuelled a transition towards, put simply, owning less stuff. The advent of the digital, and sharing economies has made this much easier. We can now fit the same amount into […]

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Reduce Staffing Costs

How to decrease Staffing Costs: 5 Solutions for your Business

For any company, finding ways to reduce costs is paramount to company growth. Specifically for labour intensive industries, an emphasis is put on shredding staffing costs. Generically speaking, one might shout back the simple answer which includes the word ‘cutbacks’. However, for your business, that may just not be feasible. So you need the hands, but […]

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Workplace Performance: How to make it a Social Currency

The Power of the Social Being In previous articles we’ve emphasised the impact of big data and increased productivity on improving your workplace. Furthermore, it has been explained how this increases company turnover. However, for many companies, labour is their biggest asset. Therefore, we’ve decided to put the focus towards the people on the ground. Let’s […]

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Top 5 unique ways to reward your team

In a previous blog post we explained how to increase employee productivity, now we are specifically talking about point 4 from that article: How to incentivise and reward your team. Here are the top 5 ways:   1. Gamify, with incentives. Make work a game by tracking hours worked or performance on certain tasks. Furthermore, devise […]

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Labour productivity

Top 6 Ways to Increase Labour Productivity in 2019

Labour productivity is a hot topic at the moment. Companies are experimenting with 4 day work weeks and allowing employees to work remotely. So how do you increase productivity? Have a look below. 1. Match the right Jobs to Skills The mark of an excellent manager is knowing your labour employees’ skills and behavioural styles. […]

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