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Why the Traditional 9 to 5 is Not Yet Dead

Why the Traditional 9 to 5 is Not Yet Dead

Traditional 9 to 5

Every ‘disruptive’ article over the past few years has thrown curveballs at the traditional 9-5 shift. Many have suggested the Gig or Freelance economy will mean a more flexible working day becomes the norm. However, a recent poll suggested that out of four options, over 50% said they still preferred the 9 to 5. So, in the words of Dolly Parton, Jobseekers Wednesday looks at the possible reasons why it’s still the most popular.


Many people love to get up, go to work, break for lunch, and then head home with an evening to spare. The comfort of routine allows people to feel settled about their lifestyle, and at ease about change. This is certainly an argument for why the 9 to 5 is still a favoured working shift.


Despite the many innovative ways people now try to make money, the 9 to 5 still provides the most financial security. Those working 9 to 5 are all on a full-time salary, and often also receive perks such as leave, pension funds and other benefits.


If you work for a company where everyone works 9 till 5, then chances are you’ll build a great comradery. There will be plenty of jokes flying around the team, and if you don’t miss a minute, you’ll always be up to date with the office gossip! Flexi-hours might seem perky, but working out of your bedroom can also be a lonely experience.


Most 9 to 5 modern day shifts include staring in front of a laptop, browsing twitter and making coffee. As long as your kitchen chat is up to scratch and you keep a work related tab open in case the boss walks past, then your day is pretty solid. A thread on Reddit revealed that many people have plenty of time on their hands during their working day, which means you can also work on your personal projects as part of your 9 to 5.


You may start off in a tedious workplace with a relentless manager, but a 9-5 full time job also probably has great growth opportunities. If you showcase your talent and gain experience, then chances are you’ll move up the company ladder. A positive everyday presence will demonstrate to those above you what you’re capable of, and you’ll soon have the power to work the hours you want!

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