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Top 6 Promotions Companies to Work For in Cape Town & Johannesburg

Top 6 Promotions Companies to Work For in Cape Town & Johannesburg

Top 6 Promotions Companies Cape Town & Johannesburg

In South Africa’s currently volatile labour market, as a jobseeker you may think you simply have to take every job you can get. However, choosing a company that matches your needs is also extremely important. ClockWork’s matching algorithm factors in a range of critical criteria to ensure you, as a jobseeker, are matched with the right employers. This article looks at the best companies to work for within the promotions industry.


Cape Town 

 1) Tradeway Promotions 

Top 6 Promotions Companies Cape Town & Johannesburg


Tradeway Promotions is one of the leading brand activation and promotions companies in South Africa. Their services include; brand activations, promotions, experiential events and field marketing. The company offer their services all over the country, including major cities.

Tradeway has worked across 80 local and international brands, in a multitude of industries, throughout South Africa and in 13 countries across Africa. Each year Tradeway Promotions performs approximately 60 000 activations and promotions, and has a database of more than 6 000 brand ambassadors in over 350 locations. 

If you want to work at Tradeway Promotions, check them out here.


2) Ampd 

Top 6 Promotions Companies Cape Town & Johannesburg


Ampd has been around for over a decade and have explored various ways to create meaningful engagements with brands’ consumers. They firmly believe that one’s brand has a story to tell, and they ensure that that story is told in a powerful and authentic way. Their team strives to produce impeccable results, and choose to amplify the consumers’ experience along the journey. Ampd prides itself to deliver upon clients expectations consistently and manage this through clear communication, strategic solutions and flexibility. 

If you’re amped about promotions, why not check out their website here.


3) Bold! Agency

Top 6 Promotions Companies Cape Town & Johannesburg  


Bold! Agency are below the line marketing specialists that are passionate about creating and delivering exciting experiences for brands and events. The agency is committed to providing clients with excellent service that’s open and honest. Bold! also strives to deliver bold, exciting, creative work that works within a client’s objectives and budget. The company aims to build lasting relationships and believe that customer success is everything. 

Passionate about promotions? Take a look at Bold! Agency’s website here.



1) Expanding Branding 

Top 6 Promotions Companies Cape Town & Johannesburg


Expanding Branding has over 25 years of experience, and branches in all major cities and towns nationally. The company have over 6500 brand ambassadors and over 12 000 venues in their database. This means that Expanding Branding have excellent access to top class venues around the country and are able to create memorable experiences through the use of their brand ambassadors. Expanding Branding’s business runs on cutting-edge technology that links every stakeholder in the chain, from promoters to clients. The company say that they have developed what is arguably the most sophisticated operations technology in the promotional industry – allowing them to provide an honest and transparent service to their clients, which generates results.

If you want to get into the promotions industry, take a look at their website here.


2) Jawbone Brand Experiences

Top 6 Promotions Companies Cape Town & Johannesburg  


Jawbone Brand Experiences are a leading activations agency focused on delivering the best on-the-ground, memorable experiences for their clients and their customers. Jawbone aims to build brand trust through a service excellence culture, with a purpose of empowering and growing their people. The company work with brave people, in their staff and in their clients, to deliver high-quality, innovative activations that they can all be proud of. For the past 10 years, Jawbone have used brand activations, event management, and experiential marketing to connect the dots between their clients’ ambitions and their customer’s needs.

Lastly, Jawbone have completed brand activations, events and experiential marketing campaigns across South Africa, Botswana and in Mauritius. 

Want to enter the promotions industry? Check out Jawbone’s website here.


3) Offlimit Communications 

Top 6 Promotions Companies Cape Town & Johannesburg  


Over the past 13 years, Offlimit Communications have taken the lead as an award-winning experiential agency with a genuine 360º offering. The company create ownable, long-term activation assets through strong creative and strategic decisions that combine to build and grow enduring brands. Offlimit Communications are masters of the brand activations space and create memorable experiences for clients and customers.

2018 is fast becoming the business’s best year yet. The company saw a major milestone in 2014 and with a solid strategy and bold actions, allowed the business to double its turnover – putting it on the front cover of Entrepreneur Magazine.  

Take a look at Offlimit’s website here.


We want to finish off by providing a few more tips to consider when choosing the company to work for. You can use the ClockWork App to check that the company is right for you.
1) Check the company’s rating by visiting the employer’s profile
2) Ensure the location is easy to get to – you can click on the link to maps when you are offered a job
3) Chat with your employer using the in-app chat function. This can be found in the ‘chats’ tab on the bottom bar of your jobseeking app.
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