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Top 6 Landscaping Companies to Work For in Cape Town & Johannesburg

Top 6 Landscaping Companies to Work For in Cape Town & Johannesburg

Landscaping Companies in Cape Town & Johannesburg

In South Africa’s currently volatile labour market, as a jobseeker you may think you simply have to take every job you can get. However, choosing a company that matches your needs is also extremely important. ClockWork’s matching algorithm factors in a range of critical criteria to ensure you, as a jobseeker, are matched with the right employers. This article looks at the best companies to work for within the landscaping industry.


Cape Town 

1) Red Daffodil 


Landscaping Companies in Cape Town & Johannesburg


This family-run garden business provides top quality design, landscaping and garden maintenance services in Cape Town, and the Western Cape. The company does work for boutique hotels, guest houses, office & retail developments, as well as customers’ homes. 

Red Daffodil have reliable and experienced gardening teams that install the actual gardens that they design. The company also makes use of a trusted group of sub-contractors that incorporate timber works like pergolas & decks, irrigation, pools & water-features, paving, garden lighting and the planting of large trees. 

If you have a passion for nature and creating beautiful spaces for people to enjoy, why not check out their website here. 


2) Heimo Schulzer Gardens


Landscaping Companies in Cape Town & Johannesburg  


Heimo Schulzer Gardens have been creating stunning gardens for more than 15 years in and around Cape Town. They take pride in the quality and sophistication of their work and pay close attention to detail and transparency in dealings with their various clients. Due to the company’s many years of experience, they have been equipped with the expertise needed to manage the tricky soils and climate of the Cape as well as a diverse range of client needs. 

Heimo Schulzer Gardens offer a personalised and complete service through all stages of design and installation, including project management and co-ordination of outside contractors.

If you’re wanting to work in the landscaping industry, Heimo Schulzer Gardens would be a great place to start! Check them out here. 


3) Village Gardens 


Landscaping Companies in Cape Town & Johannesburg


Village Gardens is a landscaping and garden design company situated in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. The company was started by Tracey Cole, an extremely passionate person who believes strongly that we need to work together to fight climate change. 

Village Gardens offer landscaping services all over the Cape Town region, as well as garden design, herb & vegetable gardens, indigenous & edible gardens, water-wise gardens, seasonal maintenance, and irrigation systems.  

If you’re someone who is passionate about the environment and wanting to get their hands dirty, check out Village Gardens here. 



1) YZ Gardens 


Landscaping Companies in Cape Town & Johannesburg


YZ Gardens offers specialised landscaping, garden design and maintenance services in Johannesburg and the surrounding areas. The company offers landscaping services like; consulting, landscape design, landscape installation, and garden improvement. YZ Gardens sources plants and materials that are all specially selected for each project from reputable suppliers, ensuring top quality.

YZ Gardens prides itself in specialising in a wide variety of designs tailored to individual requirements, which results in unique garden landscapes.

If you’re based in Johannesburg and would like to work in the landscaping industry, check them out here. 


2) Garden Talk 


Landscaping Companies in Cape Town & Johannesburg  


Garden Talk provides high quality gardening services for both the residential and industrial garden industry. The company’s key personnel have over 40 years experience in the garden and landscaping industry. Garden Talk takes pride in striving to leave their clients satisfied with their garden and landscaping service. The company also offer one off cleanup services with weekly maintenance programs at competitive rates. Lastly, their experienced staff are all fully-equipped and expertly trained, which allows them to bring your garden to life! 

If you’d love to get involved in the landscaping industry, why not check out Garden Talk Services here. 


3) African Naturescape Gardens 


Landscaping Companies in Cape Town & Johannesburg


African Naturescape Gardens are extremely customer-orientated and make sure to ask their clients about their interests and lifestyle, including how much work they wish to do in order to maintain their new garden and/or water feature. The company prides themselves in being able to plan from a modest budget and creating the garden of one’s dreams. An eye for detail means that African Naturescape Gardens are able to design a garden and water feature to suit any needs. 

If you want to work in the landscaping and garden services industry, check out African Naturescape Gardens here. 

We want to finish off by providing a few more tips to consider when choosing the company to work for. You can use the ClockWork App to check that the company is right for you.
1) Check the company’s rating by visiting the employer’s profile
2) Ensure the location is easy to get to – you can click on the link to maps when you are offered a job
3) Chat with your employer using the in-app chat function. This can be found in the ‘chats’ tab on the bottom bar of your jobseeking app.
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