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Top 6 Cleaning Companies to Work for in Cape Town & Joburg

Top 6 Cleaning Companies to Work for in Cape Town & Joburg

best cleaning companies cape town and joburg

In South Africa’s currently volatile labour market, as a jobseeker you may think you simply have to take every job you can get. However, choosing a company that matches your needs is also extremely important. ClockWork’s matching algorithm factors in a range of critical criteria to ensure you, as a jobseeker, are matched with the right employers. During this blog series we look into the best companies to work for within some labour-based industries, this is our eighth article in the series focuses on the cleaning industry. (So far we have done the best companies to work for in Landscaping, Manufacturing, Construction, Catering, Promotions, Events and Hotels)


1)     WeClean

Location: Cape Town


WeClean Cleaning Service


WeClean is a family-owned contract cleaning company that was incorporated in 2011 and committed to providing affordable, honest, and reliable cleaning services in Cape Town. They service very reputable companies around the Western Cape area like the Sandak Lewin Trust, Old Mutual, STA Travel and Prince Charles Mansions.

They offer cleaning of Commercial property, Offices, Carpets, Upholstery and Mattress as well as having a portfolio of products for their clients. Talking of clients, the WeClean team have received a host of glowing reviews from them like this one from Shannon from the Prince Charles Mansions.


WeClean Customer Review

If you like working in a tight-knit, family-like team then why not enquire about joining


2)     SweepSouth

Location: Cape Town, Johannesburg (& Durban)


SweepSouth Cleaning App


SweepSouth is an online cleaning service that allows homeowners to order you, the SweepStar to their home via an app on their mobile phone. It is one of South Africa’s hottest startups with a team that is growing at a rapid rate. It is safe to say this is a company that will be a staple in South African’s homes for many years to come. They have been featured on websites, mags and shows like ENCA, Fin24, Home & Leisure and Cosmopolitan magazine.

Indeed offers a wealth of information from current and past employees at SweepSouth. They have modest ratings of 3.2 and 3.0 for work-life balance & pay respectively and an overall rating of 3.6 stars. It must be noted this is more based on office staff as opposed to their SweepStars. Their SweepStars earn on average 80% of the booking fee which is automatically paid out weekly into their bank account based on the number of bookings a SweepStar has done that week.

Interested in becoming a SweepStar? Yeah you are!


3)     Superb Cleaning Services

Location: Johannesburg


Superb Cleaning Service and maids


Superb Cleaning Services is a company born out of personal experience, with the founders being involved in the cleaning industry for many years. They operate in the Johannesburg North area and strive to live up to their name by providing their clients with exceptional value and customer service. They have a relatively small team which comprises of 35 permanent staff all highly trained and armed with top of the range equipment and environmentally-friendly cleaning agents.

Become a Superb cleaner by contacting them here


4)     Extreme Clean

Location: Cape Town & Johannesburg


Extreme Cleaning South Africa


Paul Adams, not to be mistaken with ‘Gogga’ the ex-Protea mystery spinner, founded Extreme Clean over 15 years ago with a clear vision to change the way cleaning was done. They have refined their cleaning techniques, chemicals and equipment to concoct a specialized and unique way of servicing their clients. Extreme Clean focuses mainly on cleaning homes once they are vacated and new tenants are soon to move in. While this is niche, it has really helped Paul and his team hone their skills and do what they do best.

Talking of the team, Paul puts a large emphasis on training the Extreme Cleaners and continuing to invest in them over the course of their careers. His team is described as friendly and professional and he makes sure they are highly incentivized to go the extra mile.

Send them an email if you’d like to join the team


5)     PoolSquad

Location: Johannesburg


Pool Squad Pool cleaning


PoolSquad is slightly different to the rest as, you guessed it, they clean pools. Particularly servicing the Sandton and Northern suburbs of Johannesburg with an impressive corporate client list which includes Melrose Arch Hotel, Fire & Ice and The Holiday Inn Sandton but also do home cleaning.

They specialize in maintaining pools, but also do repairs, builds and marbleizing. If this sounds like a bit of you, then get involved in the squad by contacting them


6)     Mopps Cleaning Service

Location: Cape Town


Mopps Cleaning Service


Mopp’s Cleaning Service is a traditional cleaning service in the way that they deal with customers hands on but also incorporate the modern elements of ease of booking and rating systems. They offer services such as Rental, Residential, Carpet or Upholstery cleaning but also offer a custom option which allows the client to choose what they need cleaned and customers are taking to the service and Andrea’s review is evidence enough.


Mopps Customer Review


They have provided over 100 000 hours of cleaning so far with their extensive Cape Town team. As mentioned all staff are rated by the client after they complete a clean. Also, all staff are background checked before they are onboarded into the Mopp’s team. An added extra is that staff are insured. They look for staff that are friendly and experienced.

Join the Mopp’s team!


We want to finish off by providing a few more tips to consider when choosing the company to work for. You can use the ClockWork App to check that the company is right for you.
1) Check the company’s rating by visiting the employer’s profile.
2) Ensure the location is easy to get to – you can click on the link to maps when you are offered a job.
3) Chat with your employer using the in-app chat function. This can be found in the ‘chats’ tab on the bottom bar of your jobseeking app.
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