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Top 5 Locations to Work in South Africa

Top 5 Locations to Work in South Africa

Best locations to work in South Africa

When searching for a job one usually only considers the organisation or the company that they wish to work at as the factor that decides where they will end up geographically. Why not let it be the other way around? Why not choose the organisation to work at based on your preference of locations? South Africa has amazing beauty there is no question about that but where are the top 5 best areas to work in South Africa?

Number 5:


Pretoria, Gauteng. Yes we know it’s close to “the big smog” but Pretoria is a city that has plenty of character and is not actually “in” Joburg. With hills, restaurants, cafes, history and more it’s a town that will grow on you very quickly, with an added bonus of having plenty of jobs available it’s a city one should definitely consider for a career area.

Number 4:


Durban, KwaZulu Natal. Warm water and weather, golden beaches, delicious curries and a growing coffee culture, need I say more. Durban is an expanding city with more and more jobs being created and becoming available which makes it an ideal place for a career and so much more.

Number 3:


Stellenbosch, Western Cape. Enjoy wine? Stellenbosch is an old town with a young heart. Being at the start of the mountain range, 25 minutes from the sea and plenty of gorgeous scenery all around, it’s got a lot going for it. The number of jobs available in Stellenbosch is surprisingly high for a small town. So if you enjoy all of these factors check out some organisations in Stellenbosch this could be the place for you and your career.

Number 2:


Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. Who doesn’t like the bush? Nelspruit is set in the beautiful province of Mpumalanga and surrounded by nature reserves and big open skies. Nelspruit also happens to be South Africa’s fastest growing city which can only lead to more job opportunities for you. Check out this brilliantly placed city and all it has to offer for your potential next career move.

Number 1:


Cape Town, Western Cape. There is no surprise here, and before you say its cliché just look at the things Cape Town happens to offer, and is a cliché all that bad anyway?  The gorgeous Mother City has everything to offer. From amazing scenery, great culture and plenty of job opportunities, it’s an amazing place to choose for you to have a career. One can enjoy the outdoors while still being in a fast paced environment where all the business happens.

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