We all know that technology is changing the world forever, and in recent times it is beginning to find it’s way into the world of recruitment. What are these technological trends that are shaping the way in which recruiters find, process, and hire talented individuals? 


1) Artificial Intelligence 

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is on a path of constant growth in recent times. Artificial intelligence and automation has its place in the human resources and recruitment industries. It will be able to reduce workloads, as well as create huge savings in terms of time and convenience. One of the most repetitive tasks in recruitment and HR is CV screening. This process can easily be taken care of by AI. It will allow for faster processing of CVs, match candidates to a company’s specific criteria, and filter the best candidates that will suit the job. This allows hiring managers, and recruiters to narrow down the search extremely quickly and make informed decisions about which applicants should be granted an interview. 


Technology helping recruiters


2) Social Media 

With the rise of social media and the capabilities it possesses, searching for and recruiting employees has never been easier. Although it isn’t completely new, a large number of job seekers are making use of social networking sites to find and source jobs that suit their skillsets. The emergence of LinkedIn has created an effective space for people to find jobs, and for recruiters to find candidates. Using LinkedIn’s various tools, recruiters can easily see if certain people are open to new job opportunities. This has created an effective platform for recruiters to find well-rounded candidates. It has also led to an increased number of ‘passive candidates’. These people aren’t actively job-hunting but, are open minded about new career opportunities. Therefore, recruiters are able to potentially leverage these candidates in the future. Thus, it creates a talent pool that is easily accessible to recruiters and other companies. 



3) Video Interviews 

Tele-conferencing has been around for a few years but, in recent times it has slowly begun eliminating CVs. The face-to-face aspect of video interviews is making it easier for hiring managers, and recruiters to get an in-depth sense of how well-suited a candidate is for a specific role. Companies are beginning to turn towards an applicant’s experience and skills, rather than where they went to school and what degree they hold. 

Of course, video interviews also opens the door to international talent and can effectively assist recruiters in finding suitable, international candidates for local placements. It has allowed hiring managers to source talent and skills that may not be readily available locally. 


Technology helping recruiters