5 Celebrities Who Worked a Blue Collar Job

5 Celebrities Who Worked Blue Collar Job

We all know that celebrities lead lavish lifestyles, drive amazing cars and have a bank balance that looks like a phone number but, some of them didn’t start out wealthy. These celebrities often had to grind it out working a blue collar job and getting paid minimum wage. Let’s take a look at some of […]

Showing Professionalism as a ClockWork Jobseeker


One of our main goals at ClockWork is to assist you as a jobseeker with growing your experience, and bettering yourself as a person. This can be achieved through demonstrating professionalism in the workplace. Professionalism in the working world is a key attribute to success and ensuring that you receive regular work through the ClockWork […]

Are you applying for enough jobs, or too many?

Are you applying for too many jobs?

So, you’re title is a full time job hunter, but how many applications a week are written in your job description? We look at the ideal amount of jobs you should be applying for, how you should structure your job search, and if there really is a magic applications number to get success. Lesson number […]

Top 5 Locations to Work in South Africa

Best locations to work in South Africa

When searching for a job one usually only considers the organisation or the company that they wish to work at as the factor that decides where they will end up geographically. Why not let it be the other way around? Why not choose the organisation to work at based on your preference of locations? South […]