How it works: ClockWork Jobseeker App

ClockWork App

The ClockWork App is finally here! A mobile app that allows jobseekers to receive job offers, connect and chat to employers, and get paid instantly. But how exactly does it work? This step by step guide will ensure you are the platform’s number one jobseeker!    1) App Download    You can download the ClockWork […]

Top 5 Recruitment Agencies for Persons with a Disability in South Africa

Recruitment Agencies for Person with a Disability

In South Africa, 5% of the population are persons with a disability. However, around 1,4% are currently employed. This needs to change and there are a few agencies who are driving this change. Here are five of them in no particular order. 1)     ClockWork Recruitment Company Profile Locations Serviced: Western Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng […]

Showing Professionalism as a ClockWork Jobseeker


One of our main goals at ClockWork is to assist you as a jobseeker with growing your experience, and bettering yourself as a person. This can be achieved through demonstrating professionalism in the workplace. Professionalism in the working world is a key attribute to success and ensuring that you receive regular work through the ClockWork […]

Become a ClockWork Jobseeker


ClockWork is a recruitment platform which connects companies needing a local, vetted, reliable jobseeker. Our mission is to reduce unemployment in South Africa through technology, in turn allowing jobseekers to build experience and become more employable. Our biggest belief is that job experience comes as a result of working more. We therefore track all the […]

A Summary of the Employment Statistics released by StatsSA 1st June 2017

Stats SA summary

Yesterday, StatsSA released a new set of figures regarding the state of South African jobs. We take a look at some of the significant numbers that stand out and what they mean for jobseekers. Unemployment up to 27.7% Although there was a growth in employment by 144,000 people, the amount of jobseekers trumped this, as […]