Why all you need is an Interest, a Laptop and Internet connection for a job

All you need is a laptop to make money

We’re not disputing that the job search is tough. The modern competitive nature of finding work is enough to get anyone disheartened, but having just 3 common strings to your bow could be enough to hit the bullseye on your job search. Let’s see how having an interest, a laptop and an internet connection could […]

How to Turn Your Internship into a Job

Internship into a job

The job market is a brutal place with crazy amounts of competition out there all scrapping over a position. Why not arm yourself with the best weapon out there for locking down jobs and standing out above the crowd. Experience is like gold when it comes to employers looking to hire someone new, so why […]

#JobSeekersWednesday Podcasts

Job Seekers Podcast South Africa

Episode 3 – How to nail a job interview  In this week’s episode we meet a jobseeker who has recently landed a job from a successful interview, and discuss the ins and outs of nailing the interview process. Click link and then on play button to listen —-> How to nail a job interview Episode […]

Are you applying for enough jobs, or too many?

Are you applying for too many jobs?

So, you’re title is a full time job hunter, but how many applications a week are written in your job description? We look at the ideal amount of jobs you should be applying for, how you should structure your job search, and if there really is a magic applications number to get success. Lesson number […]