5 Free Courses for Online Business Management

Business management

If you have a business idea it is likely to be online, in fact, even if it is not it will need an online presence. Here are five free online courses that will help you along the way whether you are at the idea stage or whether you’ve got a successful business but are trying […]

Free Online Courses in Financial Accounting


Not many things in the world these days are free. However, free education is a widespread debate not just in South Africa, but the world. Well, one way to ensure you can study for free is from online courses. The beauty of doing such things are as follows: Do them in your own time Choose […]

5 Free Online Courses for Manufacturing Professionals

Manufacturing free courses

Manufacturing has been around for thousands of years. When it started it was simply humans creating products by hand, but thanks to the industrial revolution we were able to create products at scale. Manufacturing includes a host of trades in the blue collar industry and is very much an art form. These days the rise […]

Free Online Courses for HR Professionals

Free HR Courses

Human Resource (HR) managers are often seen as being the most valuable asset that a company possesses. They manage the relationship between the employees and the company and without this cohesive and mutually beneficial relationship the organisation will not operate effectively or efficiently. Here are several free courses to enhance your knowledge as a Human […]

Free Courses to enhance your CV

Free Courses to enhance your CV

Let’s face it. There is a lot of competition for us all in the job market. It is a fierce battleground on which only the strongest come out triumphant, the strongest with a repertoire of weapons. Within the job hunt one of your most powerful weapons is your CV, and more specifically the skills which […]