Unemployment in South Africa [Infographic]

South Africa has always maintained a very high unemployment rate. There are currently 6.2 million South Africans without jobs – a very worrying statistic indeed. Even more worrying is the fact that the number of South Africans who have stopped looking for work has increased by 0.5%, to 37.3%.  50.2% is the statistic that depicts […]

Employment through ClockWork: What are my options?


Our Employment Pledge   Two years ago, ClockWork set out with a mission. We wanted to use technology to up-skill and provide employment to South Africa’s workforce. We also wanted to allow jobseekers to gain credibility in the labour market and connect them to the most suitable opportunities based on their needs. Two years on, […]

How it works: ClockWork Jobseeker App

ClockWork App

The ClockWork App is finally here! A mobile app that allows jobseekers to receive job offers, connect and chat to employers, and get paid instantly. But how exactly does it work? This step by step guide will ensure you are the platform’s number one jobseeker!    1) App Download    You can download the ClockWork […]

Ratings: What is their value in the shared economy?

Ratings in Shared Economy

The online economy has taken off by storm since the launch of AirBnB in 2008 and Uber in 2009. The rise of the millennials has fuelled a transition towards, put simply, owning less stuff. The advent of the digital, and sharing economies has made this much easier. We can now fit the same amount into […]

Reviewing Staff: Is it the key to increasing productivity?


Reward the Productive Pupil Productivity has different meanings. I was asked a question when I attended primary school. It was simply “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I answered with absolute surety that I was going to be a scientist (so I could turn into Spiderman but that’s beside the point) and […]