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“Skills are no substitute for being trustworthy and hardworking” – Q&A with Jobseeker Lydia Kasede

“Skills are no substitute for being trustworthy and hardworking” – Q&A with Jobseeker Lydia Kasede

Q&A with South African jobseeker

The Job Seekers Wednesday team caught up with Lydia Kasede for a Q&A session, who currently works as Cleaning and Maintenance Manager for Education Technology Company EduOne, a start-up based in Cape Town. We wanted to hear about Lydia’s trials and tribulations of finding work, and what she believes are the key skills required in order to land a job.

JSW: Hi Lydia, firstly, congratulations on landing this fantastic position!

Lydia: Thanks, I’m so excited to have received this opportunity. I love my job, the setting is great, and all the people in the office are so welcoming.

JSW: How long have you been working for EduOne?

Lydia: I applied for the post two years ago because I liked the opportunities on offer. For example, my boss promised to send me on a cooking course so now I am qualified in that.

JSW: How did you find out about the role?

Lydia: Firstly, I reached out to my network and one of my friends put me in touch with an agency. They told me about the job and said that I would be a great candidate to apply. I sent in my CV in and they called me up for an interview. After that, they gave me the job.

JSW: What previous jobs have you done before this?

Lydia: I have always been interested in cooking, and so I used to run my own canteen. I think my entrepreneurial, hands-on and communication skills stood me in good stead to get the job.

JSW: Do you have any tips for jobseekers out there who are struggling to find work?

Lydia: I think you can be a well-qualified and skilled candidate, but overall, you need to be trustworthy. You need to show your employers that they are getting someone who can fit into their company with ease, and often you need to be hardworking and trusting in order to show that. Once you pass the test, it is often easy sailing from there.

JSW: Thank you so much for your time Lydia. I hope everything works out and best of luck for the future.

Lydia: Thanks for the Q&A session Job Seekers Wednesday, and best of luck to all those people who are searching for work out there!

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