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Top 5 unique ways to reward your team

Top 5 unique ways to reward your team


In a previous blog post we explained how to increase employee productivity, now we are specifically talking about point 4 from that article: How to incentivise and reward your team.

Here are the top 5 ways:


1. Gamify, with incentives.

Make work a game by tracking hours worked or performance on certain tasks. Furthermore, devise a score and try and create a leaderboard amongst your team. Everyone will want to outdo their colleagues and the social aspect will create an interesting motivation dynamic. As a result, the leader at certain points will receive the reward. Make sure to balance the competitiveness with the enjoyment aspect. Consequently, this can be done by creating silly or fun rewards.

2. Use reward points for useful things.

If you use a workforce management tool, then you can set targets for rewards. For example, if an employee finishes the month with X amount of an accuracy/efficiency/attitude rating they will receive a prize.

If you don’t use a tool like this, rather try to devise your own measurements.

3. Gather feedback for reward.

As a manager you want to find out how a project or particular task went. The best place to find that information is from the people who did it. Provide a small reward for those who reply to your survey or questionnaire. Consequently, you receive your information and your team morale increases – everyone wins.

 4. Help employees reward each other.

During staff meetings where employees are rewarded have an employees employee of the week/month reward too. Provide a system, email survey or otherwise. Employees can rate the effectiveness and attitude of other employees. As a result, most people get a big kick knowing they helped someone get a reward.

5. Make team cohesion a serious goal.

While at ClockWork we are all about measuring efficiency & productivity, don’t forget to make team cohesion one of your top goals. After all, a team who works together ultimately is the most efficient. Team morale is one of the most underrated productivity drivers in a work environment, keep it front and centre.

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