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Recruitment Agencies vs Recruitment Platforms

Recruitment Agencies vs Recruitment Platforms

Recruitment Platforms

Digital Recruiting


HR and recruitment trends have taken a turn parallel to those of the world itself in recent times. More often than not, gone are the days of using newspaper ads to find your next hire. Social media and online recruitment platforms have stepped up, allowing recruiters to reach a broad and a large audience. The main reason for this is simply that we will always look where we know we can find them. According to BizCommunity, the average person spends 2 hours on social media per day, and so it makes complete sense to find them on here. Our talent pool is wide, and we can connect with candidates easily and efficiently.

Is it principal that we use an agent?


If you are an HR manager at a large company, you may find that you often continue to use an agency to recruit. Outsourcing your recruitment to professionals can be a great way to ensure you bring talent into your company. However, the human facing aspect of this service often comes at a large expense. You have access to a whole world of online information out there, a world where x% of the population are now connected to. Chances are, your agent is probably using similar methods to identify your company’s next employee. Here’s an outline of the pros and cons of using a recruitment agency:



  • The modern digital world we live in means anyone can be a recruiter to a certain extent – they just need the access to the information
  • Recruitment fees can often be costly
  • Recruiters don’t always know the perfect company : employee fit – they don’t live and breath the culture like you do

The Recruitment Solution


This may leave you with a slightly sour taste in your mouth, especially if your company has used a recruiter for a long time or just parted with a lot of money to pay recruitment fees. By no means however are we telling you not to use recruitment assistance. In fact, we are saying that today’s digital world puts the recruitment power in your hands, meaning that you no longer must spend the time or the money finding your perfect hire.

At this stage, you probably find yourself in two minds. Should you recruit yourself, and risk spending too much time alongside reaching a smaller pool of candidates? Or should you go through a recruitment agency, spending huge amounts of money on a company that doesn’t really understand your exact needs?

Want the answer? In fact, its neither of them.

Recruitment Platforms: The new way?


However, access to incredible amounts of information courtesy of the digital world means there is a solution to the conundrum you face. Recruitment platforms ensure you reach the large candidate pool a recruitment company has access to, but you manage to maintain the say when it comes to company : candidate fit. Furthermore, often recruitment platforms don’t charge such high fees – they are able to bring you all you need with innovative and advanced software.

Pros of recruitment platforms:

  • Same, if not larger candidate pool as recruitment agencies
  • Matching software algorithms ensure you can find the right fit
  • Often cheaper than traditional recruitment agencies



Recruitment platforms are a great way to find the ‘best of both’ solution you’ve been looking for to solve your recruitment needs. You want to feel in control of your recruitment practices, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on them.

Looking for a recruitment platform? Check out ClockWork, a mobile app which connects employers to local, vetted and reliable blue collar jobseekers.



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