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Showing Professionalism as a ClockWork Jobseeker

Showing Professionalism as a ClockWork Jobseeker


One of our main goals at ClockWork is to assist you as a jobseeker with growing your experience, and bettering yourself as a person. This can be achieved through demonstrating professionalism in the workplace.

Professionalism in the working world is a key attribute to success and ensuring that you receive regular work through the ClockWork platform. This will help you to increase your experience score and move up the ClockWork rankings.

We have compiled a list of the 10 most important things to do during a ClockWork job. Follow these guidelines to ensure you can always deliver a brilliant service and gain the respect you deserve.

  1. Prepare the night before –

    Planning is an extremely important part of being ready for work. Make sure you get all your necessary equipment ready for your job the night before, and pack your lunch if needed. Furthermore, look at a map of where you’re going and plot out the route you are going to take.

  2. Set off early –

    Always leave some extra time in case you encounter transport difficulties or get lost. Make sure arriving early is on your list of priorities, because first impressions are very important.

  3. Shake hands –

    A good hand shake goes a long way to leaving a good impression on your boss and demonstrating that you understand the professional nature of the job and what’s required of you.

  4. Use the right language –

    Be sure to use language that is well spoken. Use respectful terms when speaking to your boss and don’t use words that could be deemed offensive.

  5. Respect your boss –

    It is important to treat your boss with respect. After all, they are giving you the opportunity. Accept the work that is required of you and always look to impress them with your work ethic.

  6. Respect the client –

    Remember that you are representing the company you are working for, and the company’s aim is to deliver a great service to the client. Part of that is showing off the quality of their staff, which means you as a jobseeker go a long way towards pleasing the client!

  7. Work Ethic –

    Demonstrating that you are a hard worker is of paramount importance to impressing your boss and making sure you get hired again. Go that extra mile and show you have a bit more drive and enthusiasm than others.

  8. Sober habits –

    Both the company that hires you and ClockWork will not tolerate alcoholism or the use of drugs at the workplace. Make sure you never use these substances on a ClockWork job otherwise you will be reported by your employer and removed from the platform.

  9. Care and pride –

    Make sure you always take care and have pride in the work you are doing. Some roles may not always be your favourite, but showing a positive attitude will show your boss you are committed to everything you do.

  10. Leave your mark –

    There is a greater chance of your boss hiring you again if you leave a great impression. Always thank them for providing you with the opportunity and make sure they will always think of you when they want to hire someone again.

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