The Power of Press for an Early Stage Start Up

Building a Business like ClockWork: 

One of the biggest challenges for a start-up company is getting the name out there. A variety of routes can be taken, from quality of service delivery to achieve word of mouth referrals, an expensive and targeted marketing push, or to receive uplifting press from credible sources. Ultimately, a combination of the trio will go a long way to finding the recipe for accelerated growth.  

Following an intense few weeks comprising their growth strategy, the ClockWork team were not necessarily chasing the path of the press. However, having been approached by Cape Business News and Entrepreneur Magazine South Africa, they soon learnt a number of advantages of gaining early stage publicity.  

5 Major Plus Points of Press 

  1. Website traffic 

A major spike in website traffic is a useful way to generate leads and build a database of potential customers. Be sure to track where this traffic is coming from via Google Analytics. Make it easy for visitors to subscribe to your product by providing an email form or contact number.  

2. Trust 

A major challenge for start-ups is getting your customer to trust your product or service offering. Receiving press acts as a point of credibility and reassures potential customers that you are legitimate. Once you can convert those leads, your great product or service offering should do the rest for you.

3. Connection with Investors 

If your start up is looking for investment, a warm introduction is paramount. Credible publicity can serve as a means of introduction for potential angel investors or venture capitalists. It is often very difficult to secure funding by approaching them directly, so a great method of reach could be through the media.  

4. Improved SEO 

Link building is a crucial aspect of search engine optimisation. Through the use of press, your website will receive improved credibility courtesy of the link included in the article. Receiving press is a great way to climb to the top of a search engine, and ultimately increase traffic to your website.   

5. Customers! 

All in all, receiving positive press is a great deal cheaper than exhausting cash on a big marketing campaign. You can grow your reach, increase website traffic, and generate qualified leads to achieve that initial traction required for accelerated growth in an early stage start up.  

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