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Employment through ClockWork: What are my options?

Employment through ClockWork: What are my options?


Our Employment Pledge


Two years ago, ClockWork set out with a mission. We wanted to use technology to up-skill and provide employment to South Africa’s workforce. We also wanted to allow jobseekers to gain credibility in the labour market and connect them to the most suitable opportunities based on their needs. Two years on, we want to lay out the opportunities you have as a jobseeker when going through ClockWork.

You, the jobseeker, are our pride and joy. If we had it our way, we would provide everyone with an opportunity. As you well know, unfortunately living in South Africa its not that simple. However, it certainly doesn’t stop us from trying!

You probably have a good understanding of the types of jobs you are looking for. In this article, our goal is to lay out the three main avenues for opportunity that you can use. We have also demonstrated exactly how to get involved and sign up for these opportunities.


  1. The ClockWork App

The ClockWork App aims to provide a streamlined way of finding elementary jobs in the form of flexible work. Whether you are an experienced tradesman looking to grow your client portfolio, a blue-collar worker starting out, a student looking for a side gig, or simply looking to make some cash, this app is 100% for you.

The app uses a matching algorithm to connect you with the best opportunities in your area. Note that you cannot apply for opportunities on the app, but rather employers will come to you. That way you don’t have to go through the tedious application process; when you are offered a job, it’s yours straight away!

The app also boasts an automated wage payment platform – so you can get paid safely and instantly after job completion.


How do I start?


Download the app now by clicking here! If you are looking for tutorials on how to use the app, search the rest of our jobseeker’s blog.


  1. Learnerships for people with disabilities

ClockWork has a large network of clients looking to place jobseekers with disabilities into learnerships. Learnerships are a great way to develop your skills, meet new people and transition into the labour market. Almost all learnerships offer a stipend, so you can earn money whilst acquiring new skills!

We offer a range of learnerships in different fields, and will look to place you into the one that most closely matches your interests and skills set. Normally learnerships last 12 months, and ClockWork always endeavours to assist their learners to find employment after the completion of learnerships.


How do I start?


We require 2 things before we can send you to an interview or assessment for a learnership. Firstly, please fill out our job seeking form for people with disabilities. Secondly, it is important you have the following documentation prior to attending your assessment or interview:



-Proof of Disability

-School Qualification

-SARS Letter

-Bank Statement

If you are interested in applying for learnerships for people with disabilities, please email these documents to [email protected]


  1. Graduate Opportunities

ClockWork have recently opened a service connecting graduates with numerous opportunities around South Africa. These largely involve specific graduate programmes for our clients or first-time jobs hiring graduates. We recruit in all sectors so anybody looking for a job can apply.


How do I start?


If you are a recent graduate and looking for job opportunities through ClockWork, kindly send your CV to [email protected]

This article aims to provide you with better insight into the services ClockWork offers. Should you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected]

The future of work is here!

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