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Office Romance: Yes or No?

Office Romance: Yes or No?

Office Romance

When that glance turns into a longing stare that last a little too long and you find yourself making up excuses to stay at work longer just to be around them. Before you know what has hit you, you are seeing each other more and more outside of the office. You’re in a full blown relationship. It really does start and happen that fast! But who are we to deny what our hearts truly want and desire? In this article we discuss the office romance and how it should be handled or discarded.

The Poll

So according to a poll we ran recently, 61% of people who voted said “NO” they wouldn’t have an office relationship outright, while 12% said “YES” they would, with 3% saying “only a short term fling” which is understandable as that could cause some awkward office moments. However, the last percentage is the most fascinating as 24% of people who took part in the pole said they WOULD have a serious relationship at the office. This is interesting because the potential for disaster could be even greater than a short term fling.

Office Romance Stats

The Office Romance Poll on #JobSeekersWednesday Twitter


The people who said no they WOULD NOT have an office romance are playing it safe as they are probably thinking of the damage a messy breakup could cause never mind just a normal breakup! This may be true but those people are also turning away from a potentially great opportunity as people working in the office near you often similar interests to you which could be the foundation of a great relationship!


The 12% of people who said YES they would have an office romance would be going along the lines of why not? And they are not wrong at all. It all depends on how you handle the situation. You both need to be mature about the whole thing and set out some ground rules early on so that it does not negatively affect your jobs. It would probably also be important to talk about the potential “end” of the relationship early on so that you both truly understand what you are getting into. But if your intentions are purely physical well then…

Short Term Fling

The short term fling with the lowest percentage in our pole is a crazy idea, super high risk to future work dealings and destroyed many an office dynamic! But that is what makes it so attractive to some people as they crave the excitement and how forbidden it is. This type of office romance is ultimately short term and purely physical and often destined for doom. But if that’s what you want then you need to make sure that you are not leading the other person on in thinking it’s something more, and with a bit of luck it might be what you both want. In that case GO FOR IT! Just be mature about it afterwards and don’t let it affect your work space environment.

Do you agree? Do you have some experience? Comment Below.

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