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Why I need a Profile Picture on ClockWork

Why I need a Profile Picture on ClockWork

Profile Picture

What’s on your profile?

You use many different apps for many different things. Whether it be social media, email, or messaging platforms, the chances are you set a profile picture to ensure everybody can identify you and knows who you are.

When searching for a job, your prospective employer will want to know what you look like. The main reason is so that they can gain a clearer insight into your professionalism as a jobseeker. They want to know if you portray the right attitude and your image can uncover a lot in this regard.

Yes, there are many other factors that ClockWork use to distinguish the suitability of a jobseeker for a role. These are more important than the images because they often include quantifiable metrics regarding previous job performance. However, employers are the ones who make the final call, so choosing whether or not to pose in front of the camera with that golden chain could be the difference between getting the job or not.

Why do I need a Profile Picture?

So let’s get started with devising the ideal profile image that will maximise your chances of getting work. First things first – some kind of image is certainly better than no image at all. Not having a profile picture might:

  • Make employers think your profile or dormant or inactive
  • Make employers think you are not fussed about what they think
  • Make employers scroll past your name because your profile goes unnoticed


Profile picture no go’s

When posting your profile photo, there are certain rules which are just a no go. They will make employers think you are unprofessional and unreliable. Very rarely are any of the below acceptable, so try to ensure your profile image does not include the following:

  • Revealing or showing off potentially offensive body parts
  • Signs or messaging that may be offensive to others
  • Excessive amounts of jewelry or inappropriate clothing
  • Being in a large group in your photo where you cannot be picked out
  • Making your profile picture a cartoon or comic book character instead of actually being of yourself

Here are just a few examples of some really BAD profile pictures:

Bad Profile Pictures

Now after telling you what not to do, you’re probably wondering what exactly constitutes a good profile picture. Many people think that as long as it includes oneself, it will serve the purpose of identity. However, often not facing the camera can also put employers off. Here are some examples of ‘medium’ profiles pictures. Not that they’re terrible, but they certainly aren’t those that will convince an employer that you’re their next hire. Take our ‘does your social media profile pass the employer test?’ here.

Profile Picture do’s

Now then, its time to get down to business and reveal what really constitutes a good image to accompany your professional looking profile. ‘Fix up, look sharp’ as a wise old wrapper named Dizzy Rascal once said (n.b. please don’t copy his profile pictures). Here is a list of what TO DO when taking your profile picture:

  • Ensure the lighting is good and there is a neutral background behind you
  • Preferably get someone else to take it instead of taking a selfie
  • Wear professional clothing – no need to suit and boot, but imagine you’re going to a job interview
  • Either smile or maintain a neutral face – but no funny business
  • Fill the majority of the image with your head and shoulders and look straight into the camera

Here are some examples of good profile pictures to base yours on for your ClockWork profile:

Good Profile Pictures

Well, there you have it. Now you know the importance of publishing a neat and professional profile picture in order to obtain work. This could just be the first step to building up your job credentials and developing your experience!

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