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Using our app you are easily able to find work in your area! You will be offered a job based on your expertise and location.

Closest to you

ClockWork's algorithm also leverages the latest geo-location technology to send you the best jobs in your area

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Gain XP & Get More Jobs

XP stands for experience points. As you complete jobs you will gain more XP. The more XP you attain the better chance of you getting more work.

Get Paid Securely

ClockWork handles all payments. As soon as you complete the job, a payment is triggered securely within the app to your bank account. Meaning you don't need to worry that you wont get paid.

How It Works

Easy to register

Download the ClockWork app and easily register using just your email address

What's Required?

All you need is your email address and a password in order to start finding jobs

What, where and when?

Choose what industries you are interested in working in, your location that you want to work and when you want to complete the job

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Job Offered & Accepted

ClockWork's unique algorithm means the employer is sent a small shortlist of the best workers in the area including you! Once offered the job, you have the option to accept or decline the opportunity.

What’s required

Nothing! Download and register on ClockWork and wait for the job offers to come through!

How do I get onto the shortlist?

This is based on your XP and ratings gained from similar job roles in a particular industry. As well as your proximity to the job.

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Gain XP

Arrive and complete your job. Based on your performance you will be rated and gain experience points (XP). These are crucial in helping you get more jobs in the future. Think of it as your new CV.

Get to your Job

ClockWork integrates into your phone's map application to make it easy to arrive at your job.

How is the Rating and XP Calculated?

Your employer will give you a star rating out of five. This paired with your job length, punctuality and a few other intricacies gives you your XP score.

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Get Paid

ClockWork handles all your payments of your wages from your employer to your bank account immediately after you complete your job.

What’s required?

Connect your bank account in your settings. Complete your job and the payment will reflect within 48 hours.

How much will you be Paid?

ClockWork uses job data to recommend a wage to employers. You will be paid a competitive wage per hour. Remember, you always have the final decision whether to accept or decline the job.


Any questions? Hopefully our list of FAQs will solve this, but if not feel free to get in touch! We’re always here for a chat!

How Do I Get Paid?

ClockWork handles all payments for you through the app platform. All you need to do is connect you bank account which can be done by navigating to the Settings tab of your app and then clicking on Bank Connection. From here you can add your card details. Note: the transaction is performed by our well-known payment gateway partner called Slide and is extremely secure.

    How Do I Register?

    Our app is coming soon, but you can pre-register for jobs by filling in this form (link to google form) Note that upon registration you will prompted to send through some verification documents. To find out which ones you will need, click here (link to article about what docs they will need)

      What Type of Jobs Can I Get?

      ClockWork is a platform for blue collar staff to find work. This means you will find jobs in the Landscaping, Construction, Cleaning, Manufacturing, Events and Promotions. There is also a chance a job may fall into our General Labour category where you may find yourself doing something like painting or working on a film set.

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        Person with a Disability?

        We also help person's with a disability find employment opportunities. Please click below to visit our dedicated page to find out how to get employed: