The ClockWork App is finally here! A mobile app that allows jobseekers to receive job offers, connect and chat to employers, and get paid instantly. But how exactly does it work? This step by step guide will ensure you are the platform’s number one jobseeker! 


1) App Download 

ClockWork App


You can download the ClockWork App from the Google Play Store. Our iOS App will be launched soon.   

You will find the link to download the app here: 

Google Play Store:


 2) Registration

ClockWork App 


Make sure you enter your full name and take a professional photo to use as your profile picture. This is important because employers will be able to see that you are a committed and reliable candidate. After that, the app will allow you to choose what industries you are interested in and what your location is. Once again, this ensures that the most suitable employers can get matched with you. One more thing…make sure that you enter your bank details, otherwise you won’t be able to get paid after your job! 


 3) Receive job offers 

ClockWork App


Make sure your profile is fully filled out and up to date – this will allow more potential employers to connect with you. If you’re wondering what ‘XP’ stands for on your profile, it means experience points. The more experience points you get, the more chance you have of ranking high on the shortlist and getting chosen by employers. When an employer offers you a position, it will be through a notification on the app and an email. Once you have looked at the job specifications, you can choose if you want to accept or decline the job.  


4.) In-app chat to employers 

ClockWork App


Once you have accepted the job, you can use the chat function to connect with your employer and ask any questions you may have about the job. For example, you may need to ask what to bring the next day, or possibly confirm the time that you must be there.  


5) Get paid! 

ClockWork App


ClockWork’s in-app payment platform ensures that you will get paid as soon as the job is complete! You will be asked to give your employer a rating and review and then the money will reflect in your bank account. Remember that employers will also rate your performance, so remember to show a great attitude to ensure that you get hired again!