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5 Jobs you can do during the Holiday Season

5 Jobs you can do during the Holiday Season

Holiday Season

Holiday Season has arrived!


The holiday season is often a fantastic month for the South African economy, drawing in tourists from all over the world and attracting them to the fantastic things our country has to offer. In addition, the holiday season can also be a fantastic time for employment. Many companies look to take on casual staff to deal with the increased number of customers. This is not only a perfect opportunity for you to earn some extra money, but also to grow your experience.

ClockWork have put together a list of five jobs that you can explore at this time of year. We have opted for a range of different things to cater for everybody’s skills sets.


1. Work for a Tourism Company

For many tourism companies, this is by far the busiest time of the year. They are often looking for extra pairs of hands to offer their customers the best experience possible. Jobs may include tour guides, café assistants, promoters, and drivers. See below a list of potential tourism companies where you can gain employment:

2. Work at a Hotel


The one thing that comes with the busy holiday season and lots of tourists is an increased demand for hotel reservations. Hotel chains are frequently looking for casual workers to employ for a range of jobs. These include.

  • Waiters
  • Cleaners
  • Porters
  • Front of House
  • Receptionists

3. Become a street vendor


Not the working type? Perhaps you could look at starting your own thing. The busy summer streets will mean you can sell your products to many locals and tourists alike. Remember to choose your location and price wisely – as the market can be extremely competitive during this time of year.

  • Sell local food/produce
  • Sell authentic street cuisine
  • Sell authentic jewellery/hand made merchandise
  • Provide skilled entertainment (singing, dancing).

4. Become an Uber Driver


Lots of South Africans have already profited hugely since the introduction of Uber. This can be a great way to bring in income all year round, but especially during the busy holiday season. Remember you will need a driver’s license, but apart from that its pretty simple to sign up. Do you have access to a motorcycle? Perhaps there’s also an opportunity to become a driver for UberEats.


How to register as an Uber driver

How to register as an UberEats driver

5. Become a house sitter


Lots of people enjoy going away for the holiday season, which might give you a chance to make some cash. House sitting is nowadays becoming extremely popular, and if you can demonstrate you are reliable and trustworthy, then it is potentially an easy way of making money. Visit https://www.trustedhousesitters.com to find out how to become a house sitter.

Here are a list of just five ways to make money during the holiday season, but there are many other opportunities you can explore. Check out our other blog posts on the best companies to work for in each industry. You never know, some of these positions could also turn into a career!

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