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The Future of Work – Are you Green, Orange or Blue?

The Future of Work – Are you Green, Orange or Blue?

Future of Work

An Uncertain Future

There has been a great deal of speculation about what the Future of Work will look like. An abundance of movies, articles and fantasies have been created to shape our perception of the changes that will happen to the world as we know it. In an attempt to categorise the various possibilities, PwC have created three distinct outcomes. Furthermore, these are marked by the colours Blue, Green and Orange. Clockwork takes a look at what they entail. Try to picture yourself in two decades time and decide which one you fit into.

Blue –

If you mark capitalism as religion, blue is for you. This pathway creates an environment where data and metrics will be used to drive business decisions. Nothing will be left to chance in an attempt to reach precision through measurement and assessment. In addition, staff segmentation will be achieved through analysing thousands of data sets, with a focus tailored towards on-the-job performance.

Another specific phenomenon of the blue future will be the chance in the way we deal with contracts. Candidates will hand over their personal data such as health files, professional performance and details about their personal life. With a future of big data, this will certainly act as strong collateral.

Green –

This future could arguably not be any more different to the one we have just discussed. In an open and collaborative world, ‘green’ focused companies will be sustainable, open organisations who support local communities. Everyone within a company will have the chance to participate in decision making.

The underlying recruitment features within this ideal will assess the scope for which individuals fit the company’s values. As a result, rewards models will be highly flexible, with an overall incentive package another drawcard for attracting the best employees.

Orange –

With a focus on the Gig economy, an orange future will see a collaborative ecosystem consisting of flexible freelancers and contractors. People are more likely to see themselves as members of a particular skill as opposed to an employee. Most of all, they will exploit technology to consult to a variety of different companies, offering their services on a task by task basis.

It is widely believed that orange pioneers will give a new lease of life to professional guilds, trade bodies and associations. They will be highly relied upon for training, development and ultimately, innovation.

So, which one are you? A capitalist blue, socialist green or somewhere right in the middle?

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