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Free Online Courses in Financial Accounting

Free Online Courses in Financial Accounting


Not many things in the world these days are free. However, free education is a widespread debate not just in South Africa, but the world. Well, one way to ensure you can study for free is from online courses. The beauty of doing such things are as follows:

  • Do them in your own time
  • Choose the course and the content you want to learn
  • They are free!

All these benefits make it seem like a no brainer – and the best thing is that often such self-development can lead to increased job opportunities.

Finance and Accounting are popular subjects and in many ways a necessity for working in the modern world. South Africa’s finance sector makes up a fifth of total GDP making it the largest sector in the country.

We have researched the best ways to enhance your skills in financial accounting through the web’s best online courses – and of course (no pun intended) they are all free!

  1. Accounting Full Course by JCCC Video

JCCC’s accounting full course is by far the best YouTube course you could ask for when it comes to Financial Accounting. Made up of 39 videos each lasting about 20-40 minutes long, the course covers all the basics and moves into some more advanced topics. The channel has over 57,000 followers and over half a million views. So if you’re looking for something that’s not too intense and where you can choose how long it takes, this course is certainly for you.


The first video can be found here

2. Coursera

Coursera is a significant and credible resource when it comes to the world of online learning. You can complete many qualifications which are twinned with some of the world’s best universities. Some of the following courses are available in the field of Financial Accounting:


3. Open University

Open University

The Open University is the global leader in terms of online Universities and thus provides a number of free courses for anybody to enhance their skills across the globe. If you already have a preliminary qualification in Financial Accounting or feel accustomed to the fundamentals, then some of these Open University courses are certainly for you. Many of them are relatively short, but contain ample amounts of knowledge for you to excel in a particular sphere of your chosen subject. Here is a list of the free courses offered for Financial Accounting:

4. Study Overseas


Believe it or not, some countries don’t charge a cent for you to study in their country, wherever you’re from. Norway, Czech Republic, Germany and Iceland offer free education for both undergraduate and masters students. All of these places also offer a range of Finance and Accounting courses, the majority of which are taught in English. So if you are an ambitious individual who wants to spice things up on your CV whilst learning a new skill and investing yourself in a new culture, studying overseas is for you!

Well, there you have it. If you are looking to enhance your skills set and increase your employability, the above list will provide you with the exact means to do so. Are you looking to find free courses in a subject other than Finance and Accounting? Then check out the rest of our blog here.

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