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Free Courses in Labour Relations

Free Courses in Labour Relations

Labour Relations

Why Labour Relations?

As part of our free course series here at ClockWork, this article focuses on free courses you can take to enhance your knowledge of labour relations.

First, we need to consider exactly what this is and how it could improve your chances of getting employment. We can define Labour Relations as the relationship between the management of a company or organisation and its workforce. In South Africa especially, such has become a hot topic of debate in recent times. Specifically around the changes in laws including the minimum wage.

We have searched the web far and wide to identify some of the best courses available to you in this field of study. Remember, all of these are free so all it requires is your time, effort and dedication!

  1. Labour Smart


Labour Smart’s ‘Labour in a box’ course is one of the best short courses to establish a strong foundation level of knowledge when it comes to this field of study. Labour in a box was specifically designed to cater for the day to day requirements any employer needs. It consists of a library of documents, information sheets, templates and forms applicable to the processes, and management of employment and labour law. Although you may have to pay a small fee to complete the course, all documentation is free to allow you to educate yourself on the best practices.

  1. CCMA


The CCMA offer numerous training programmes for anyone to enhance their knowledge on labour relations. Their website includes a large amount of content where you can learn about changes in specific practices. You can also gain greater understanding of the current enforcement in place.

  1. WitsX


The University of Witswatersrand offers a variety of free courses to allow you to become upskilled in a particular field of study. Studying online through such an accredited institution could be a really good way to propel your career forward. They have several options depending on your current level of study. These include MicroMasters Programme, Professional Certificate, Global Freshmen Academy or XSeries.

  1. Coursera

Coursera is always a great ‘go to’ when it comes to online free courses. The field of labour relations is certainly no exception. They offer a range of law related courses as well as HR, so you can tailor make your course to fit it into exactly what you want to learn. These courses offer a more generalised overview of labour relations. However, be aware they may not be South African specific.  Therefore, the Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding Employees course might be a good place to start. 

We hope we’ve assisted you in choosing a relevant course that will enhance your knowledge and employability when it comes to labour relations. If you’re interested in other courses, then you can search through the rest our blog as well.

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