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How to Demonstrate Confidence Without Arrogance

How to Demonstrate Confidence Without Arrogance

Be confident for job interviews

In previous articles, we have discussed how demonstrating a great personality can open huge opportunities and get you all the way towards landing a job. We have to ask ourselves however, what constitutes an optimum personality in order to birth job hunting success? Some people struggle to muster up the courage to go out there and express themselves, but others just simply overdo it. We look at how you can show off your skills and ooze confidence whilst doing so, without coming across arrogant in the process.

So let’s paint the picture. You’ve been called in to interview for a job that’s really taken your fancy. It requires an outgoing, driven personality and demands that part of the role involves talking to a lot of people. Virtually all interviews require you to talk about yourself a lot, and some people feel very uncomfortable doing that. The key is to strike up a balance between showing you are someone who backs their own ability, and not that person who quite frankly, everybody gets plain sick of.

Be Modest

The last thing you want to do here is picture yourself as timid and nervous, but make sure you express your achievements on the right way. Try and use phrases which will stand you out naturally instead of comparing yourself to others. Highlight that despite your experience and talent in a particular area, you are always looking at ways to improve yourself.


Even though it’s an interview, people will appreciate it when you make conversation. Try to make sure you are regularly returning questions to your interviewer and take genuine interest in what they have to say. You will gain rapid respect from the people that matter if you engage with them, and in turn demonstrate profound social skills.

Know your game

We all know that we have strengths and weaknesses. Some of us show great communication but struggle at hands on tasks, and vice versa. Highlight your best attributes by beginning with the skill you don’t feel so confident about. For example, you might say ‘I wouldn’t say my expertise lie in motivation, however I believe my organisation is excellent’. This way, your weakness gets forgotten about and your strength appears to stand out as a critical requirement.

Body Language

Showing that you’re a strong candidate isn’t just about what comes out of your mouth. We can tell a lot about an individual by the way they stand, move about and engage with others. If you’re nervous, here’s a great tip before an interview to calm the nerves. Find a quiet room, perhaps a bathroom if there’s one close by, and stretch your arms out as wide as they go. Many experts have proven that by extending ones space, they are able to feel more confident when they talk among others. As well as this, ensure to keep your shoulders back, and look your interviewer in the eye when both parties are talking.

So, by following these four pointers, and remembering to demonstrate a collective set of strong social skills, you can go into your next interview knowing you’re a confident and capable candidate, who never comes across arrogant.




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