Landscaping Companies in Cape Town & Johannesburg

Top 6 Landscaping Companies to Work For in Cape Town & Johannesburg

In South Africa’s currently volatile labour market, as a jobseeker you may think you simply have to take every job you can get. However, choosing a company that matches your needs is also extremely important. ClockWork’s matching algorithm factors in a range of critical criteria to ensure you, as a jobseeker, are matched with the […]

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ClockWork App

How it works: ClockWork Jobseeker App

The ClockWork App is finally here! A mobile app that allows jobseekers to receive job offers, connect and chat to employers, and get paid instantly. But how exactly does it work? This step by step guide will ensure you are the platform’s number one jobseeker!    1) App Download    You can download the ClockWork […]

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5 Apps That Will Help You Save Money

With rising fuel prices, living expenses and the convenience of online shopping today, it is very easy to get carried away and spend too much money. Luckily, there are a number of apps out there that can aid in keeping your spending under control and help you save money.   1) StokFella (iOS & Android)     […]

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Ramaphosa Jobs Summit

Summary of the Jobs Summit (October 2018)

The Jobs Summit took place over two days in Midrand last week, where President Ramaphosa outlined the country’s plans for tackling the trifecta of core issues plaguing South Africans; unemployment, poverty and inequality. The unemployment rate in South Africa currently sits at 27.2% and is the seventh highest in the world. Ramaphosa says that we […]

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What types of jobs can I find on ClockWork?

ClockWork regularly receives enquiries from jobseekers who are looking for work from a range of industries. We value every single jobseeker that comes to us and will always try to place them into a suitable position. However, there are several industries that the ClockWork App specialises in. Please find the list of jobs below. Cleaning […]

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Learnership and job opportunities for people with disabilities

ClockWork offers several opportunities for persons with disabilities who are looking for work. We have various strategic partners who can assist with the placement of individuals into learnerships or full-time positions. We are always looking to create more partnerships that will create jobs and assist those with a disability in reaching their employment goals. Our […]

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Become a ClockWork Jobseeker

ClockWork is a recruitment platform which connects companies needing a local, vetted, reliable jobseeker. Our mission is to reduce unemployment in South Africa through technology, in turn allowing jobseekers to build experience and become more employable. Our biggest belief is that job experience comes as a result of working more. We therefore track all the […]

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