Workforce data

Q&A with ClockWork CEO | How to Utilise your Workforce Data

Data Drives Better Decisions Many managers often struggle to pinpoint factors that allow them to move further towards company success. They will often rewrite a strategy, focusing on new product development or at improving other marketing methods. However, one of factors they often turn a blind eye to is whether they are getting the most out […]

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Reviewing Staff: Is it the key to increasing productivity?

Reward the Productive Pupil Productivity has different meanings. I was asked a question when I attended primary school. It was simply “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I answered with absolute surety that I was going to be a scientist (so I could turn into Spiderman but that’s beside the point) and […]

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Staff working hours

Staff: Should You Hire Them Part Time or Full Time?

We are challenging you to rethink the way you staff in order to maximise product and minimise costs. This gives you that competitive edge. Run a fluid staff complement to see how you can enhance your business. Seasonal Staffing As a business owner, you understand that seasonal variation plays a huge role in the fluctuation […]

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performance at work

Workplace Performance: It’s a Numbers Game

How good can you be at your job? Therefore, this question can be viewed from a variety of perspectives. But ultimately it’s difficult to know if you never quantify your experience and performance. Are CV’s Redundant? Prospective employers and recruitment agencies receive dozens of CVs per day, and they all seem completely similar. Pages and […]

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Work Relay

The Work Relay: Time to Rethink the 40 Hour Week

Work – Such an interesting concept. Why has the concept of a 50 hour full time week not been questioned once since the introduction of currency? What if we could diversify our jobs, work shorter hours but still earn more money? Is the Concept of Work Shifting Let’s not forget the sole reason why we need […]

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A day in the life of a Clockworker

Kagiso has been looking for a full time position ever since he left high school. Unable to find it, he explores the concept of the PowerShift. Planning his working day the night before, he logs onto his Clockwork application and begins scanning the abundance of working opportunities. He is keen to start early as he […]

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