Mobile Apps

5 Free Mobile Apps To Help You With Your Job Search

If you have access to a smartphone, it is a great way of enhancing your job search. As a result, ClockWork have searched far and wide in an attempt to identify 5 of the best mobile apps which will assist you when job hunting. Some of them will be well known, yet others you may […]

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How to Save on Data Costs #DataMustFall

South Africans are upgrading mobile devices from feature phones (think Nokia 3310’s) to data-hungry smartphones at an unprecedented rate. In fact, 84% of South Africans access the internet from their phone according to a Fin24 article. This has caused absolute outrage from consumers as the data providers (Vodacom, MTN, Cell C etc.) have failed to deal […]

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Labour Union

Would You Become Part of a Labour Union?

There is an innate divide between those in favour of labour unions and those against them. On the outside, it appears that joining a labour union can have huge benefits. You could see your wages improve, the work week becoming shorter and the workplace being safer. Job Seekers Wednesday recently ran a poll which suggested many of […]

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Traditional 9 to 5

Why the Traditional 9 to 5 is Not Yet Dead

Every ‘disruptive’ article over the past few years has thrown curveballs at the traditional 9-5 shift. Many have suggested the Gig or Freelance economy will mean a more flexible working day becomes the norm. However, a recent poll suggested that out of four options, over 50% said they still preferred the 9 to 5. So, […]

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Social Media for Jobs

Using Social Media to Find a Job

You spent hours developing your CV, applying for jobs online, walking door to door, and still no luck. Yep, you know the story. Job hunting costs you time, job hunting costs you money. Thankfully, modern technology has meant we have been able to move away from extensive paperwork and public transport fees, yet knowing exactly […]

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Why Smartphones could be the turning point for Job Seekers in South Africa

South Africa’s recent economic struggle is demonstrated in it living statistics. 12 Million people currently live in poverty (36%) and 27% are strictly unemployed. The world holds a responsibility to nurture developing nations and lift them out of these extremely unfavourable living conditions. We see how South Africa’s uniquely high smartphone penetration rate relative to […]

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Fintech in Africa

You Need to Embrace Fintech Now

Fintech is here to stay and many of us use it daily without even knowing. Do you use Snapscan/Zapper, purchase from small vendors using your card use a mobile wallet? If so, chances are you interact with a FinTech company. Fintech Investment Oulook Despite the economic and political uncertainty in Africa, confidence in the continent […]

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Future of Work

The Future of Work – Are you Green, Orange or Blue?

An Uncertain Future There has been a great deal of speculation about what the Future of Work will look like. An abundance of movies, articles and fantasies have been created to shape our perception of the changes that will happen to the world as we know it. In an attempt to categorise the various possibilities, […]

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Why should FinTech actually matter to you?

What? The world of technology has many dimensions. It’s ever changing and inter connected properties mean we are constantly being flooded with the new apps, machines and gadgets. Further still, our pocket dictionary is no way near enough to keep up words like ‘FinTech’ and the latest jargon alike. How? Financial Technology or ‘FinTech’ is one […]

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The Future of Work – Quicker, Better or Cheaper?

In November 2016, Debating Europe published how a significant proportion of readers argued that new technology would make us more productive, boost economic growth and create more jobs. In other words, they suggested that for businesses, the future of work will make everything quicker, better, and cheaper. On the other hand, it has been proposed that […]

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