Job hunting can be a stressful process, especially if you’re continually going to interviews and are ending up unsuccessful. After a few unsuccessful job hunting attempts, you may become discouraged and start losing hope. But, you need to ask the question, “Why am I not getting hired?” You may need to brush up on your interview skills for example, or maybe your CV needs an update and a splash of colour. There could be a few reasons. Luckily, Twitter is a big place and doesn’t just contain things about politics. 

On Monday, we co-hosted a weekly “tweetchat” with @JobAdviceSA where 4 questions are posed to the audience – generally recruiters and jobseekers. The purpose of this “tweetchat” is to answer the burning questions that people have regarding the recruitment industry and provide a platform for jobseekers to gain insights and advice on how to successfully conduct their job search – and in an ideal world, give jobseekers the tools to ace their interviews, craft a good CV, and land the job. So in essence, a jobseeker can find some extremely helpful advice when following the right people. Let’s see who some of these knowledgable people are. 





@TimJBarry, founder of #JobAdviceSA 

However, the above mentioned people are only but a handful whose aim is to help jobseekers in their job search. Below is a further list of knowledgable contributors to our collective aim of reducing the unemployment rate in South Africa.

Special mentions:











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