Running a small business often requires the owner to do the majority of the work. As you know, this is no different in Landscaping. To make your life easier and your business run smoother we have put together a digital toolkit made up of Landscaping apps, web portals, websites and affiliations specific to the landscaping industry. All of which will help you increase efficiency so you can focus on what is important, growing your business.


Geo Measure

Category: Measuring

Type: App

Cost: Free


Geo Measure is a free tool that helps you calculate the area of a piece of land or property. You can either measure by placing markers on a map or record your distance by using GPS coordinates. Both will be useful when planning the layout of your client’s garden.


Landscapers Companion

Category: Plant Identification

Type: App

Cost: Free


Landscapers companion is a database of 26 000 plants which is easily searchable. You are also able to keep track of your own plants by taking pictures of them and storing data about them. For clients, it is simple to create their project plant list to share with them. It comes in the form of a mobile web app or an iOS app and is completely free.



Category: Staff Time-Tracking

Type: App & Web Portal

Cost: Between R18 and R49 per employee per month


ClockInstant is South African made innovation to help you keep track of your staff timesheets. It is a cost-effective alternative to fingerprint biometrics and takes out the hassle of installations and hardware. It works by placing a small Bluetooth-enabled beacon at your meeting point, office or work site. The staff then clock in using the ClockInstant app on their phones. Once they clock in, the manager or payroll clerk is able to view their timesheet through the ClockInstant portal. Staff clock out and the system automatically calculates their time worked and splits it into normal time and overtime.


Wave Apps

Category: Accounting software

Type: Web portal

Cost: Free


Wave accounting is an accounting software package that can help you keep your small business running efficiently and, much like your gardens, in the green. It allows you connect to your bank account and over time will start to automatically categorise expenses for you. A key feature is their invoicing tool which helps you create clean, branded and professional invoices to issue to your clients. Reporting at year end is a breeze as they automatically create your income statement, balance sheet, cash flow report and more. Best of all, the software is free to use for small businesses like yours.


HubSpot CRM

Category: Sales (CRM)

Type: Web portal

Cost: Free


HubSpot’s tagline is “Why Pay for a CRM When This One Is Free”. They are a 100% free CRM system that contains everything you need to organize, track, and nurture your leads and customers all packaged into an easy-to-use online platform. Never lose or forget about your sales leads again.


Pro Landscaper Africa

Category: News

Type: Website

Cost: Free


Pro Landscaper Africa is your go-to news source to keep up with the news and trends in the industry. They combine key international knowledge and highlight the exceptional work being done in Southern Africa; celebrating leading designers, contractors and associations to unite the industry under one roof.


South Africa’s Landscaping Institute (SALI)

Category: Membership Body

Type: Website

Cost: Free, R3000 or R6000 per year


SALI consists of a vast network of members, principal and suppliers, throughout South Africa who are guided by the SALI Constitution and Code of Conduct. SALI members endeavour to improve the standard of the landscaping industry by adhering to the Minimum Specifications laid down by SALI and by so doing ensure clients get increased value and professionalism you can trust.

All members are screened for quality of work and project history. This gives clients peace of mind when choosing a membership. SALI Members offer many services, including design, irrigation, commercial and residential landscaping. The client also has security knowing that behind every landscaper is a responsible Institute.

Your company is loaded as a supplier on their website and client are able to find your details through their page.


ClockWork App

Category: On-Demand Hiring

Type: App

Cost: 13% of wage


ClockWork is a South African designed and developed mobile platform that helps you find vetted and reliable blue collar labour for your landscaping business at short notice. It comes in the form of a mobile app and after a short registration process, you are able to fill out your job details and browse through an array of talent in your area.

The jobseekers on the platform are ranked by experience points which they gain by doing exceptional work through the platform. Once the jobseeker is hired, he/she accepts the job and you are able to communicate any finer details through the app’s chat functionality. Finally, once the jobseeker has completed the work, you are able to rate and review them. The payment is then triggered to their bank account so you never have to carry cash again.

The platform has jobseekers in the landscaping industry including those that are groundskeepers, gardeners, pruners, planters, maintenance workers, diggers, general workers and more.