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Become a ClockWork Jobseeker

Become a ClockWork Jobseeker


ClockWork is a recruitment platform which connects companies needing a local, vetted, reliable jobseeker. Our mission is to reduce unemployment in South Africa through technology, in turn allowing jobseekers to build experience and become more employable. Our biggest belief is that job experience comes as a result of working more. We therefore track all the hours and jobs that a jobseeker has performed on our platform so that they increase their chances of obtaining work in the future.

This page serves as a point of information for jobseekers and includes everything they need to know about the ClockWork platform.

Becoming a ClockWork jobseeker

We have made the ClockWork registration process easy to provide anyone the opportunity to complete jobs. However, in order to maintain a high standard of service to all our employers, you will be required to go through a screening process.

Initially, you will be required to fill out the following form:


Alternatively, if you require some more information, you can WhatsApp the following number: 0647555912. A friendly member of the ClockWork team will guide you through your registration process.

In order to increase your chances of getting your first ClockWork job, it is a good idea to submit your verification documents. This is because the more documents you submit, the more XP points you will gain. Employers like to see jobseekers who have submitted all their verification documents, because it demonstrates that they are trustworthy and reliable.

Each verification document you submit will increase your XP points score. In some circumstances, you may be required to attend interviews for certain jobs. How well your interview goes will also increase your XP points score. You can find some tips on how to interview well here.

Once you have completed the above processes, ClockWork will be ready to complete your profile. This is what will be shown to employers when you are hired for a particular job, so make sure that your profile picture looks professional.


XP Points and growing experience

In the previous section, we talked briefly about XP points. This stands for ‘experience points’ and determines your chances of getting a job through the ClockWork platform.

You can accumulate a ‘fixed’ level of XP when you register by submitting a series of verification documents. Each document equates to a score, where the more documents submitted, the more points you’ll have to begin with. Although this is an important aspect of helping job seekers with getting their first job on the platform, our real focus lies with developing your ‘on the job’ experience.

The remainder of your XP points are made up of the following attributes:

-Hours of jobs you have done through the ClockWork platform

-Punctuality (what time you arrive at your job)

-Your average job rating – when you finish a ClockWork job, your employer is required to rate your performance. The better your rating, the more XP points you will receive.

Also note that points are relevant to each industry. For example, if you have completed more jobs in the promotions industry and been rated highly for them, you will rank higher when a promotions job is posted, compared to, for example, a construction job.

We also take into account your location, so we can offer you the jobs which are easiest to get to.

If you require more information about how you can improve your ClockWork score, visit our blog article on XP points.

Independent Contractors

There are a few legal implications you need to be aware of when registering for the ClockWork platform. It is important to note that ClockWork facilitates the connection between employers and jobseekers, and thus when completing work jobseekers serve as independent contractors. For more information please visit ClockWork’s Terms and Conditions.

ClockWork’s App-Based Technology

We pride ourselves on efficient and professional communication with jobseekers so they are always aware when work is available. Once employers post their job requirements, our matching algorithm allows us to place you into positions which fit the role you are looking for. It is important that we can connect with you regularly as a jobseeker, and the majority of communication is done via SMS. We are looking for people who are tech savvy and able to communicate in a professional manor. See below some examples of how ClockWork will communicate with you when jobs are available.

Jobseeker app


ClockWork use innovative and efficient payment methods to ensure that jobseekers are rewarded quickly for the work they have done. You will require a bank account to register on the ClockWork platform. Payment times and methods may vary depending on the jobs you complete. If you have any questions about payments, please contact the ClockWork team or ask questions during face to face interaction such as interviews.

ClockWork Support

ClockWork want to do all they can to assist people with finding work and allowing you to grow your experience. However, sometimes you will need to be patient due to the varying amount of work that is available. We also understand that support is important, and you may need assistance after you have accepted a job. The team are always looking for ways to make it easier for jobseekers to deliver a great service to employers. For example, some jobs or individual circumstances may offer travel subsidies or vouchers prior to the attendance of jobs, and we are even looking into ways to provide food vouchers to give you the energy to provide a 5-star service. Once again, if you have any queries in this regard, please contact a friendly member of the ClockWork team.

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